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My New Bag Heels and Magazine

Hello everyone

When I describe my ideal free afternoon I will say that I am lighting a scented candle make myself a nice cup of tea (with some honey) and read a nice magazine lounging on my couch with my two amazing girls ( my doggies Merci and Sheba). Have a little bit of some nice music on the background and I am really ready to relax. I also love to have some pink roses in the house for some reason flowers in the house are making me feel so calm and happy. This week I am really learning to accept the things as they are and to let go of things. For some reason that is very heard for my. Mostly because I am so happy with the things that I have that the idea of losing it makes me crazy. But I have to learn that everything in this life happened for a reason and that the only thing you can do is to relax enjoy and live in the moment. So these small things will help me to live in the moment and enjoy every minute of all the beauty that is around me. Thank you so much for checking on my blog I hope I can inspire you and learn to let go and enjoy the little things in life because nothing lasts forever so knowing that, you can enjoy it even more. Have a lovely day and enjoy every minute of it.

With lots of love and gratitude.

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