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Fall in Love......

Hello everyone

Yeah autumn is here .I really love this time of the year the beautiful colours from the threes and all the leaves that are falling on the ground. For me autumn is something magical. Because it is autumn I wanted to wear an autumn inspired look, for me it are a lot of different brown colours mixed together. So I bought this amazing coat at M&S I really love the tiger pattern and the material is very soft. You can see a lot of coats this season. The thing that I noticed is that the coats are having a bigger silhouette (like a maxi coat) I really love this trend. I am wearing an amazing skirt were you can really turn around in.I decided to wear my amazing over the knee boots and a black sweater with a turtle neck. To finish it off I combined this look with a nice bag (gift from my mother) and some earrings and a belt with print of the Primark. As I already told you autumn is a magical time of the year for me. This is the first time I am in the UK on this season and I really love the nature in here there are so many threes and there are a lot of squirrels her in Lowestoft they live in the park nearby my house and they are so sweet (there was also one in my garden) but because of the weather they are looking for food in threes, but because the threes are farther then where they live, they have to cross over the street and sometimes one is getting hit by a car, and I find that so said. So I decided to get nuts and food for them and give it to them in the park. So that they don’t have to cross the streets anymore and it gives me such a good feeling when they come to me and I give them some nuts it is amazing to see that I can do something good for nature. So from now on I decided to do something good every day and for now it is feeding the amazing sweet little squirrels in the park.And it makes me feel so good. So maybe a tip for you, try to do something good every day and you will feel much better about yourself. Thank you so much for reading and I will see you soon.

Thanks for shopping by, and Have a lovely day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

The Roll Neck Swing Jumper: M&S The Pleated Midi Skirt: M&S

The Animal Print Cocoon Coat: M&S The Black over the Knee Heels: Primark

The Tiger printed belt: Primark The Golden Ring: River Island


The EARRINGS: River Island

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