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Glamour Dress

Hello everyone

This is my look of today, as the skies are getting more greyer, I had to put a positive swing to it. Because the weather is not so cold yet I wanted to wear a nice dress while I still can, I bought this amazing lace dress from the monsoon and I really love the fabric and the pearl details on it. This dress made me feel so classy I really love lace it is one of my favourite materials. Today I wanted to talk about doing whatever makes you happy. I know that it is hard sometimes to follow your dreams, because you are insecure or don’t know where to start. I had that to for example starting this blog I was to insecure about myself (sometimes I still am) and I didn’t know where to begin, until at one point my boyfriend said to me just do it!! And that really made me think yeah!! why not I just going to do it and along the way I will learn from my mistakes, and I just try to enjoy it as much as I can. I can only not do more than my best and that saying is a very strong one. So when you are not sure about something but really want to pursue it Just do it !! and the rest will come along. We are all here to learn and making mistakes are a part of who we become, we have to make them to get successful in our live so just let the fear go and just do it!! I hope I can inspire you today to follow your dreams.

Thank you so much for shopping by, and Have a lovely day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

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The Dress: Monsoon The Ring (right hand): River Island

The Ring (right hand): Debenhams The earrings: River Island

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