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Classy in the City

Hello everyone

Today I am wearing this amazing trench coat. I really love this because it is such a timeless piece. You can wear it every season and it’s always so classy and stylish. Today I wanted to talk about being yourself it is always hard for me because for some reason I always want to please people and I think that it is a bad habit because it cost me so much energy to please everyone because everyone is different in their own beautiful way. And that’s a thing for me I have to accept that everyone is different and that everyone has different needs just like me. And that you cannot please everybody the only person you can really please is yourself and when you think about it, why do you want to please other people that’s really a waste of your energy. People can like what you do and they can love it and that is really great but not everyone has the same taste. I really have to learn that I have to make my own decisions and that what I think is important to me no matter what other people think. And there is really a life lesson in for all of us. Just do whatever makes you happy try to make your own decisions and learn from your mistakes and try not to compare yourself to others because your are perfect in your own unique way.

Thanks for shopping by, and Have a lovely day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

The Shoes: Primark The Bag: Debenhams

The White Pants: M&S The T-shirt: M&S

The Pure Cotton Belted Trench Mac with Storm wear: M&S

The earrings: River Island

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