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Be Authentic

Hello everyone

This is my second look of this week, I am wearing an amazing coat looks like a scarf from M&S I combined this with a camel coloured skirt and a jumper. I really love this trend for the winter the oversized scarfs the jumper it really makes me feel warm and cosy. I also like the fact that you can wrap yourself in this season you can layer your clothes up for the ultimate effect. It really makes me think of the countryside and that is really one thing I really love about the UK it gives me that traditional feeling being outside in nature running around, in the fields I really love it. So that was my inspiration for this new look I was also inspired by being authentic. Sometimes it is so hard for me to find my own identity in a world where there are so many different opinions and judgements, for some reason I always find myself in the easy way, finding it important what other people think and coming along with them. But I have learned that someone else’s way isn’t always my way. So I really have to learn to stand up for myself and doing just what I think what is best for me. I am the only person that knows and feels what is best and it doesn’t matter what other people think about that. And I think that there is a big lesson in for all of us just go your own way be yourself and be authentic.

Thanks for shopping by, and Have a lovely day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

The Shoes: H&M

The Textured Checked Blanket Coat with Wool: M&S

The Polo Neck Ribbed Jumper: M&S

The Half Circle Midi Skirt with New Wool: M&S

The Belt: Next The earrings: River Island

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