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New Year's Day

Hello everyone

It is officially the first day of the new year and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I always love to start my new year fresh with a clean house, I love to spend new year’s day with my loved ones, fill the house with fresh roses and light up some candles and spend the whole day in my PJ’s watching some feel good movies and just relax. I want to share these pictures with you and I really love them I love to cuddle and snuggle with Merci (I can really do that all day long) I hope you all enjoy your new year’s day thanks for visiting my blog and I will see you soon with some new inspiration.

Thanks for shopping by, and Have a lovely day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

The PJ’s: Next The Glasses: Next The White Roses: Tesco

The White Mug: Tesco The Tea Lights: B&Q www.b&

The Slippers: Primark

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