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Lace Romper and my trip to Holland

Hello everyone

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, I was traveling from Holland I was visiting my family and going on therapie. I am so happy that I went because I feel so much better, I did this therapy called EMDR and it was amazing the therapie helped me to deal with my past. I found out that I had post traumatic stress and I never knew it but now that I finally no it, I can deal with it and that is such a relief. It is horrible to have something and not knowing what it is, but thank god I know it and I can finally move on with my live and look forward to the future. Because of my little trip to Holland I now no that I really love my life here in the UK, off course there are always flaws to find but overall, I created a lifestyle that really makes me happy. I have an amazing family were I am truly grateful for I have a lovely home in a nice quiet area and I have the possibility to do the things that I love and to follow my passion. I love my easy simple lifestyle it gives me clarity and peace and one thing that I have really learned this past week, is that the grass always looks greener on the other side, but if you look closely evreyone has his problems.But I believe that the key to happiness is to focus on the things that you do have and be grateful for them instead of on focussing on what you don't have it is not important it only gives you a feeling of unhappiness rather then being thankful and grateful for the things that you have right now on this moment that is what counts. So for all of you I hope I can inspire you to look at the things were you are thankful and grateful for and to focus on yourself, on your own true happiness because that is the only thing that counts and that is being yourself.

Thanks for shopping by, and Have a lovely day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

The Sandals: Primark The Bag: H&M The Jumpsuit: H&M

The Hat: Newlook The Earrings: H&M

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