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My Wishlist Lace and Blush Colors

Hello everyone

Today I created my Wishlist. This week a was very inspired by lace and blush colors. I Hope I can inspire you today. Bellow this page you can see where you can find these amazing products.

Thanks for shopping by, and Have a lovely day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

1.The Pink Cheesecloth Split Side Maxi Skirt: New Look

2. The Straw hat: H&M

3. The CHLOÉ Eliza leather wedge sandals : My Theresa

4. The Lace Top (on sale): New Look

5. The Cream Crochet Waistcoat: New Look

6. The Pink Marmer Bracelet: H&M

7. The Denim Shorts High waist: H&M

8. The Embroidered Playsuit: H&M

9. The Women's Metal Corner Satchel : Peacocks

10. The Women's Large Gem Toepost Sandals: Peacocks

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