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Coffee is not my cup of tea...

Hello everyone

Hope you all have a lovely Friday?.. If you follow me on Instagram you have maybe noticed that I almost only drink tea (sometimes a Starbucks or around the holidays hot chocolate) that is for a reason, I used to have a lot of panic, anxiety and fear. I also used to have panic attacks on a daily basis. And that was a really tough time for me, thank god with the help of my beautiful little family (my boyfriend and my two doggies) a lot of therapie and EMDR, my panic attacks are not so heavy and I don't have so many anymore. And now I just have discover that I have PTSS which causes all these fear and panic attacks.

Now to go to something more positive, I have learned along the way that coffee (caffeine) and even tea (theine) can make you pretty nervous which is not helping when you are having a massive panic attack it even makes it worse. So I stopped drinking coffee and tea with theine in it, and now I am only drinking tea without the caffeine/theine and it really helps me a lot. I even drink camomile tea now to make my body even more calmer, and it really helps me. Sometimes I love to have a coffee at Starbucks but I only have it on special occasions knowing that I will feel more hyper after. But it really changed my life to cut out of the caffeine and even sugar. I also stopped having sugar I use honey now which is sweet as well I know, but it is more natural for my body, and I really feel that I am much more calmer and feel so much more healthier and relaxed. I hope that if I share my story with you I can inspire you to treat your body and cut of the sugar and caffeine, because I promise you, you feel so much more relaxed and your body is much more in peace.

Thanks for shopping by, and have a lovely Weekend.

With lots of love and gratitude.

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