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Time for tea...

Hello everyone

Ever since I moved to the UK I started drinking tea the reason why I started drinking you can read here. And on some rainy afternoons I love to spoil myself with some chocolate and some time for a nice cup of tea, this is really my relaxing time just for myself. I just love the shabby chic style by Rachel Ashwel I am so in love with the vintage China the beautiful bedding it is all so romantic and soo me. So when I have my tea break I love to do it in style, light up some candles have some nice sweet treats and just enjoy the moment. When I was writing this post I came across this beautiful quote about what a blessing it actually is when you can have some time alone just for you, that is the time when you can learn about yourself and just be. Ever since I moved to the UK I had to leave all my family and friends behind and that was very hard at times, because I was always so used of having a big family and having friends around, So this move had really teach me to be on my own and to be Okay with that, at first and still sometimes, I had my struggles but I have learned that over time I really enjoyed to be by myself (and my little family off course my boyfriend and two sweet little doggies) It is really like the quote said a true blessing to be okay to just be by yourself and not to judge. Because of this life lesson I really feel that I am living my life the way I wan’t and that I can depend on myself and my choices and that I finally can live the life I always dreamed of just to take the time for myself and to learn who I really am and what I really want in life.. I hope I can inspire you to be yourself to be content with yourself and to believe in yourself because you are the only person knowing what is right for you no one else is just you..

Thanks for shopping by, and have a lovely Day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

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