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You are right where you are meant to be.

Hello everyone

Today I wanted to share this post with you, The New Year is in full swing (it is almost February already) The month January was a little bit busy for me we went to Holland I met my little niece for the first time!! We had some family visiting us here in the UK and it was just a busy month we just had a new car were I really have to get used to (so many changes as well). So now when we finally start our daily routine again, It is just slowly sinking in that in March I wil be thirty and that feels horrible to be honest and I don’t know why, it should be something beautiful, because I am going into a new stage of life there are so many beautiful things to look forward to like, finding our dream home, starting a family, getting married and these things are really wonderful but it just hits me that I am getting older and that in ten years I will be forty and it all seems to go so fast all of a sudden. Ever since me and my boyfriend moved to the UK we are having an amazing time we are so happy here and we are having so much fun(I have my blog and I am enjoying my beautiful little family my doggies and my amazing boyfriend) but it seems that the last two years literally have flown by, and you know what they are saying time flies when you have fun. So it is a beautiful thing that I live the life of my dreams but it is also a little bit scary, because it suddenly seems to go so fast. So this year I am really going to focus to live on the present knowing that age is just a number, I am going to do the things I love and enjoy every minute of it and just because the things are changing we are all getting a bit older and nothing really stays the same. I am going to try to live the life of my dreams, do the things I love and just be myself, enjoying my beautiful little family even more and just focus on all the positive things everyday. I know it is not always that easy because there is always that little negative voice ( saying I am getting older etc) But I will embrace it knowing that life moves that things are changing and that, that is the beauty of life I am going to embrace my age be grateful for my health and all of my blessings, being grateful for my blog to inspire to be creative, to live. I know that sometimes I will have my negative moments, but don't we all have those?? The main thing is to believe in yourself to live in the present, to count your blessings and to just enjoy life, accept yourself accept were you are in life and be grateful for the things you have and to enjoy them. So for this New Year I am going to live in the moment, being okay with were I am and who I am and knowing that everything is exactly as it should be and that life is perfect as it is no matter how old your are. Embrace your age, embrace your life and just enjoy!!!

So here is a reminder that whenever me or you are getting a bit anxious of your age, or that it looks like you are not where you want to be… Try to keep in mind that you are perfect the way you are no matter how old, young or whatever..And that you are exactly were you are meant to be even if it doesn't feels like it you are, and you will arrive at your destination eventually.. So just enjoy every minute knowing that nothing is ever perfect and that life is changing and that that’s the true beauty of it.. that is live…

Thanks for shopping by, and have a lovely Day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

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