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Birthday Girl...

Hello everyone

I can’t believe it is already my birthday, time really flies here in the UK… I want to take a moment and look back to the amazing year I had, We are having a lovely home in the UK and I am enjoying every minute of it, My amazing blog that grows by the day it is so amazing looking back and seeing how much my life has become richer just to document the things I love and to share them with you. My pasion is to live a happy healthy and romantic lifestyle and I just love to share this journey with you and it is amazing to see how much I have grown trough blogging. Looking forward I hope for an amazing year to come full of love joy health and happiness a couple things on my Wishlist are: starting a family, getting married to the love of my life and buying our dream home, have some lovely friends and stay blogging. Hopefully a bit of traveling this year would be amazing and just enjoying everyday and spending time with my loved ones. So far I am so grateful for al of my blessings of last year I really have enjoyed every minute of it and I am so grateful for my beautiful little family my two doggies and my boyfriend. I am grateful that we are all happy and healthy. I am also thankful that the last year I have finally overcome my anxiety and that is an amazing feeling. So for now looking forward I am going to enjoy my family my blog and you guys thank you all for your support it really truly means a lot to me. Looking forward to an amazing year the come.

Thanks for shopping by, and have a lovely Day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

The Dress: Chi Chi Londen

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