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Beautiful Roses..

Hello everyone

Today I wanted to share this post with you, Lately I have been a bit down I think that it is the weather one day rain the next day sun it is very confusing. So I decided to do something on my mood I was thinking about the fact that I wanted to work I think I would love to but for some reason are, the jobs that I love to far from were I live. So it is hard to find something that I love which is not to far to travel so I can be at home with my family. I was very frustrated about this, but I have learned the more I frustrate about it the harder it is going to be and do I even wan’t to work because for some reason I also love to be at home and to work on my blog, I am heaving an amazing life at the moment. So al these thought are keeping me busy. But I have decided to let it be, not to think about it and to just do the best I can every day by doing the things that I love, I love to blog, to shop and to share with you guys and it gives me an amazing feeling to follow and share my passions. And I am also grateful that I am at home with my family, I can go to the gym and I have an amazing lifestyle here in the UK. So I think that I have to focus on the things that I have and not to stress about a job just do the things that make me happy and the rest will come along anyway. So from now on I will try not to stress myself, it is what it is. I love to blog I love to be with my family and I love our home, and I just have to learn to live more in the moment and be happy with were I am at this moment. I hope I can inspire you that if you are stuck at a point in your life, were you don't no what to do, or if you are not were you wanted to be. That you just learn to let go, be happy with were you are right now while working for what you wan’t. While being grateful with the beautiful things you already have.

Thanks for shopping by and I will see you soon with some new inspiration.

With lots of love and gratitude.

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