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Sporty Chic..

Hello everyone

Today I created a Get The Look page.This page is inspired by the two looks that I was wearing this week. Here are some of my favorite items. I Hope I can inspire you. Bellow this page you can see where you can find these amazing products (just press the link of the website and you will be sent straight to the product).

Thanks for shopping by, and Have a lovely day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

The Satin skirt: H&M

2. The Pink Metallic Embellished PU Chain Bag: Shein

3. The leather pumps: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN

4. The Rose gold sleek cuff bracelet: River Island

5. The White Elasticated Waist Pleated Midi Skirt: New Look

6. The Pink Trainer: H&M

7. The Starbucks Plastic Cup: Starbucks

8. The Drew Medium leather shoulder bag: CHLOÉ

9. The Cashmere jumper: H&M

10. The Sparkly Earings: H&M

11. The Aviator Style Sunglasses RAY BAN

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