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So Happy to be Home..

Hello everyone

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and Monday..? It’s been a while since I blogged well there is a whole story behind.. A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend had a two week holiday so we decided to just relax and do some fun things we even went to a amusement park that’s close to our house, we also went to a Spa and decided to paint our kitchen. So we had a lovely two weeks Holliday. Then My boyfriend had to go to Holland for Work just for a couple of days and I decided to come with him and to take our little doggy Merci with us (I thought it would be a nice way to End our lovely Holliday together). Little did I know.. When we arrived in Holland with the Boat everything seemed fine, we could stay in my mother in law's home which was really nice and after a couple of days my boyfriends work in Holland was done. So we decided to go home on Wednesday (we arrived the Sunday before) But when my boyfriend called the VET we found out that our little doggie’s Rabies vaccin was expired back in January and we hadn't give her a new one. So when we were already there (in Holland) we had to give her the vaccin and the rule is that ones she has the vaccin you aren't able to go to the UK for 21 days!! So that meant that we had to stay in Holland for three and a half weeks. And the worse part was that I didn't took my laptop with me to Blog (I always used to take it with me except this time) I also just packed for three days.. and my Boyfriend had to work.. Thank god his colleagues were very understanding and he was able to work from Holland. But for the rest it was horrible it is such a awful feeling when you want to go home but you can’t. So I really had to bite my tong for all these weeks and I wasn't able to do the things I love like shopping and blogging or going to the gym.. Or taking a nice hot bath every evening. But me and my boyfriend kept reminding each other that it could be much worse and the most important thing was that we are all healthy and that we were together that was the most important thing to us.. But it really made me think how awful it must feel for the people in the countries that recently were hit by the hurricanes and lost everything. My hart really goes out to those people and I really pray and hope that they find the faith and the strength to get trough this difficult time together and to know that you can rely on each other and help each other in these difficult times and also to know how important it is to be healthy and to be with your loved ones.. We just got home a week ago and I just feel so grateful and blessed for our home and how lovely it is to have a roof over your head.. But I also learned about this experience that there is nothing more important then to be with your loved ones and to be happy and healthy ass long as you have each other..

Thanks for shopping by and have a lovely Day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

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