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Winter Look..

Hello everyone

I hope you all had a lovely Holliday and a Happy New Year..? I decided to have a little week off from blogging after Christmas because my boyfriend was off from work and I really wanted to spend some quality time with my little family.. But I am thankfully back and I’ve been having so many looks that I wanted to share with you and I am really excited. We also had this huge boxing day sale were everything was super cheap and I bought so much and I cannot wait to show you what I got.. Lately me and my boyfriend were watching a lot of Netflix and then I found the show Gossip Girl and I have to say I love it so much there is so much inspiration and I am such a huge fan of Blair Waldorf’s style everything she wears is just so beautiful and chic, so a lot of my looks are inspire by her and I just love it so much. Today I am wearing this look that I have been wearing so much this Holliday.. I love everything about it the Tweed Jacket the Woolen skirt the black tights and the black heels. I used to wear tights all the time and for some reason I stopped doing that but I am so happy that I am wearing these again it really gives you a chance to wear dresses en skirts in the winter and I am definitely planning to wear these all winter long.. I also got this cute furry hat which I absolutely love it gives your look such an winter vibe but in a very chic way. Underneath I am wearing my favorite blouse that I got from Zara I have been wearing this blouse so many times because it literally goes with everything and it looks so chic. I hope I can inspire you and I will see you soon with some new inspiration.

Thanks for shopping by and have a lovely Day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

The Tweed Jacket: Zara (sold out) similar: here and here


The Black Tights: Primark

The Black Glossy Heels: Primark (sold out) similar: here


The Tweed Bag: River Island

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