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Believe in yourself and be your own kind of beautiful..

Hello everyone

I hope you all have a lovely Friday..? Today I really wanted to share this post with you. I wanted to talk a little bit about believing in yourself and knowing your worth. I sometimes find it very hard to believe in myself and especially with social media and blogging it can be so easy to look at other people and thinking to yourself that they are better, more beautiful, have nicer pictures etc. and it’s really something that I try to teach myself to not really focussing on what other people are doing but rather focussing on yourself and knowing that you are worth it.. Today I think that I really learned an important lesson: for some reason I always like to please other people I want them to like me and I catch myself trying to get in other peoples minds and think things about what I think they think about me (see what I did there think think think) and as funny as it maybe sounds if I’m completely honest with you I don't think that they are thinking about me at all.. Simply because they are busy with their own lives and they are having their own things to think about, So what’s really important in this is that you just do what you love and what feels good for you and to make yourself happy because if you are truly thinking about it that’s the only thing that’s important to be happy and content with who you are by doing things every day that makes you smile and I think that people will have more respect for you.. because you are doing your own thing and you are focussing on yourself and people will see that and they will probably admire you for being your authentic self.. simply because you are doing the things for you and you don't worry about what anyone else thinks because if you think about it, it really doesn't matter at all it’s all about you. I hope I can inspire you to believe in yourself more and to live your own authentic life without worrying about anyone else but yourself.. I am hoping that you are having a wonderful weekend and for now I am wishing you a Lovely Friday

Thanks for shopping by and have a lovely Day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

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