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Always Be Kind..

Hello everyone

I hope you all have a lovely week so far..? Today I wanted to share this post with you. I really wanted to talk a little bit about this quote that I found and is says too always be kind:

Be kind, be honest, be loving, be true and all of these things will come back to you.

I really love this quote it’s really something that I try to live by every day to just to be kind to people and I have to say it always makes me feel really good and I truly believe that if you are kind to others they will be kind to you too and I think that its so important to be nice to each other and to be kind.

I also wanted to share these beautiful photos of my bedroom and closed with you. I just love to collect lace dresses and I have been collecting them ever since I moved to the UK four years ago and I really love to see my collection growing and growing little by little every year. I have such a passion for dresses I don't know why that is but I think that it has a lot to do with the fact that dresses are so comfortable and that they always look so pretty and they always make me feel so good.. My favorite dresses are definitely white lace and Blush pink ones and if it was up to me I will be wearing dresses all year long. Unfortunately we are having a lot of cold weather here in the UK so I am always dreaming about living somewhere were it’s sunny and warm (who knows maybe in the future) I also just love the feeling I get when I am wearing a beautiful dress it really truly lights up my day. And hopefully one day my dream will come true of having my own little shop filled with the most beautiful lace dresses.. I hope I can inspire you and I will see you soon with some new inspiration.

Thanks for shopping by and have a lovely Day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

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