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Tips on How to create the perfect Office Space..

Hello everyone

I hope you’re all having a Wonderfull day..? Today I wanted to share this post with you on: How to create the perfect Office Space. I think that besides my bedroom My Office is my second favorite room in the house.. I love to come here for Inspiration and I just love to create a place where I can be creative and productive, here are some Tips on how to create the perfect Office Space:

Fill Your Office with some Beautiful Flowers.

There is nothing that I love more then to fill my office with some beautiful flowers, they can be real fresh flowers or some beautiful artificial flowers. For some reason flowers are always making me Happy and I always feel so much better and so much more creative when I have some beautiful flowers in my house and especially in my office I just love the smell and the look of them flowers always make me so much happier and I am so much more creative as well.



I always have some note books on my desk, I always find them really easy because if there is something that I have to wright down or something that I cannot forget. I can easily write it in my notebooks and if you keep them on your desk you always have them by hand and that they always come real handy to me, especially when I am working and need to remember things or write something down. I always love to have some beautiful notebooks on my desk and I just love to collect them, and my philosophy is that you can never have to many notebooks on your desk.


Inspirational Coffee Table Books

I just love to collect Coffee Table Books, I always find myself looking through them when I am in need for some inspiration and I also love how they really make your desk look really cute and how you can easily color coordinate them.


A Scented Candle

One thing that I just love to have on my desk is a scented candle, a candle always make me feel so calm and relax and is amazing, especially when I am working I found myself so much more inspired while I am having a scented candle on my desk.


Favorite Mugs

I always keep some mugs on my desk, simply because I love to treat myself on a nice cup of tea or coffee while I am working.. I also love to fill my Starbucks takeaway cup with some water because I need to stay hydrated especially when I am working on my desk.


Some Delicious Chocolates

I just love to have some delicious treats while I am working and chocolates are my favorite. I always love to have two or tree chocolates while working and because there are endorphins in chocolate it keeps me more focus and they are making me feel happier as well.


Mood Boards

My Mood Boards are my biggest source of inspiration in my office, here I collect all the images that I love that inspire me and the things that I want in life.. I always find myself looking at my Mood boards and then I know what my goals are in life and the things that I love. Even when I have no inspiration or not feeling well my Mood Boards always cheering me up and just by looking at them I always get so much more inspired and I feel so much more happier just by looking at them.


These are my favorite items to decorate my office I hope I can inspire you and I will see you soon with some new inspiration.

Thanks for shopping by, and Have a lovely day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

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