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How to Relax and To make some ME- Time for yourself..

Hello everyone

Sometimes life can be quite busy and really overwhelming that’s why it's so Important to Make some Me time for Yourself.. Today I wanted to share some tips of how to make relax and to some Me time for yourself.. Just because that is something that we really need..


Tip 1: Take a nice bath

There is nothing that I love more then to take a nice bath, I love to do this in the evenings, I will light up some candles, buy myself some luxury bath salts and have some relaxing music on, at the background and to just relax.. I think that it’s so important to treat yourself with some time for yourself, just to relax and refresh and when you take a nice bath or have a relaxing shower you can really create a little sanctuary for yourself close the door and just get away from it all.. just for a little while.. and when you treat yourself with some time for yourself you will feel so much more relaxed and refreshed.


Tip 2: Walk in Nature

Something that I also really love (but not really do enough) is walking in nature.. it can be so relaxing and it’s really nice to just go into nature look at the trees breath in the fresh air and to just relax. Its so relaxing to walk in nature listening to the silence or the wind blowing through the trees.. it can be so relaxing and I always find so much more in peace when I just go outside and look at all the beauty that is around us.. I also love to look at the birds listening to them singing or just watch them fly by.. It’s such a beautiful thing and It just feels so good to be in nature and to just escape from the hectic world and to be more in peace.


Tip 3: Think Positive

I know that this can be a hard one simply because

you have to put a little work into it and you have to let your brain do the work for a little bit. Sometimes when I feel really stressed I find myself in quite a negative mindset and it feels like the whole world is against me.. On those times I just sit on the couch close my eyes (make sure that there are no distractions) and to just think about positive outcomes of the situation. It’s so easy to focus on the negative especially when things seems to go wrong.. But it’s so important to realize that for every negative outcome there is a positive it’s just were you are focussing on and I know that it’s hard because sometimes you are dwelled in the negative that you cant really see the positive but if you really try you can find something positive as well and as long as you are focussing on the positive you feel so much better then when you are just focussing on the negative.. One thing that I also love to do is to write down a list of a few things that I am grateful for and by simply writing these down I feel much better because then I can see that there are also positive things in my life.. I know that it takes some work from your part but you will feel so much better and less stressed as well..


Tip 4: Meditate

One of my favorite things I do to relax is to meditate.. I mostly meditate in the morning right after I wake up. I love to meditate with some mediation music in the background.. because when I am focussing on the music my minds gets more quite but you can also do it when it’s quite.. Just focus on your breath and just relax. I love to meditate for 20 minutes every day and I always feel so much better and so much more refreshed, and the best part is that it’s a great start of my day because, I already feel peaceful and my day hasn't really started yet. I really feel that when I do this I am much more calmer and relaxing during the day then when I don't meditate in the morning. So this is really something that I try to do everyday.. And if you have to go to work for example just wake up 20 minutes earlier and you will feel so much more relaxed trough out the day and it’s such a great start for an amazing day ahead.


So these are the things I love to do to feel much more relaxed and peaceful. I hope that I can inspire you and that you can use these tips through your day to day life.. and I hope that they will help you they certainly helped me and I find that ever since I use this tips that I feel so much better and that I have a much more better quality of life and I hope that I can inspire you to..

Thanks for shopping by, and Have a lovely day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

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