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5 Simple Secrets to Loving Life..

Hello everyone

Today I wanted to share 5 simple secrets to Loving Life.. I am very passionate to live a happy healthy lifestyle and these 5 secrets will help you to become a Happier YOU and to live a more fulfilled life..


Live on Purpose:

a sense of purpose brings the greatest life satisfaction.. I find that it’s so important to have a life purpose, simply because it gives you something to live by and it helps you to be happier and to live a healthier lifestyle simply because when you have a life purpose you will eat healthier and it also makes you live longer.. You can find your life purpose in your children, in your work, by following your passions, your friends etc. I think that it’s so important in life to have a goal and if you don’t really know that is just write down where you see yourself in 5 years, or even in ten years and then you will be much clearer about your life purpose..

Live in the Now:

Try to be more mindful for example when you are doing the dishes.. feel the water in your hands, hear the water coming out of the tab notice the sounds around you.. smell the soap.. I think that it’s so important to be mindful of our day to day tasks.. I often find myself in my head all the time. I am always thinking about the future, about the people I have met, about the fact that I still have to get some groceries, how often are we not aware about living in the moment we are always somewhere else and mostly it’s worrying about the future or the past. But if you try to be mindful on those moments then you will feel so much more calmer and really live your life as it comes and everything is just so much more peaceful.. when you are more aware of your surroundings.. You can practice this while your eating, cleaning, are under the shower or even when you brush your teeth.. Just try to be in the moment and you will feel so much more at peace and realize that the most of your problems are simply created in your head.

Plan for a Happy Future:

Don’t just dream about a happy future plan it.. try to figure out what makes you happy and do more of that everyday.. I often find myself on the couch watching tv I know I want to do a million things but I just don’t do them simply because they take action and sitting in front of the Television won’t. Its just so easy so I am often tempted to sit there and stay there.. But I have noticed that if I plan things ahead and If I write them down I am more up for it. I just give myself a small list of tasks to do everyday, the things that I love and were I am passionate about and I found that I am slowly and surely start on these projects simply because I write them down for myself.. and I have a reason to motivate me, to come of the couch and to turn off the TV and to do something for my future that makes me happy and that I love to do..

Stop Comparing:

This is something that we all do.. Especially with Social Media: Facebook and Instagram it is so hard to not to compare yourself and to think by yourself.. O gosh she has it all figured out or I wish that I had her house etc. This is something that I was really guilty off all the time I always thought that others were better prettier etc. But I really found out that it really doesn’t matter what you have.. It matters that it makes you happy. We are all unique and none of us are the same and if you really think about it that is your power.. Simply by realizing how unique and special you are you have no one to compare yourself with.. Because you are unique and everything that you have, that you are that you do.. It’s all you and it’s unique and no one in this whole world will do the things exactly like you.. some maybe can try but it will never be the same.. and ever since I started to accept that concept I find it so much easier to stand in my own light and to realize that who I am the choices that I make are exactly who I’m meant to be and that no one is the same every human being in this world is different and knowing that is your power..

Count your Blessings:

This is something that I try to do everyday.. How easy is it to just focus on the negative, to think about the things you don’t have (yet) That you are not fully where you want to be in life.. For us as human beings it’s so easy to see the negatives. It’s simply something that is almost

programmed in our brain for some reason these things come natural to us.. But the secret is to see the positives count your blessings realize what you already have accomplish in life.. be grateful for the things you already have, your family your friends there are so many things to be grateful for everyday and if for some reason you can’t find them think about the fact that you are breathing that you are here, that you can walk, see, smell etc. there are so many things to be grateful for we simply just don’t see them..

But if you write down three things you are grateful for everyday you will notice them and you will feel much more happier.. Simply by realizing that there are so many blessings in your life already you just don’t really focus on them.. But they are definitely there you just have to try and find them.


So here are some of my tips to Love your life more.. As I said before I am very passionate about living a Happy Healthy Lifestyle and I hope that with these tips I can inspire you to be more happy, to live more in the moment and to live your life to the fullest.. I hope that I can inspire you and I will see you soon with some new inspiration.

Thanks for shopping by, and Have a lovely day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

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