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Tips for having more Happiness in your life..

Hello everyone

Today I wanted to share 6 tips to create more Happiness in your life, I am very passionate about creating a happy and healthy lifestyle and I would love to share with you the tips and tricks that I have been using.. I have to admit I have had some hard times in my life (I don’t think that life always comes easy for everyone) there are always some positive things and negative things in life and I have learned that it’s your choice where you put your focus on and I have learned along the way that you can do some things in your day to day life to make yourself more happy and I would love to share these tips with you..


Find joy in the present moment.

I really love this one and it’s something that I try to do everyday.. although I have to admit that sometimes, it can be very hard because for some reason your thoughts are going on and on about things things like: did I lock the door when I left the house or do they have that milk that I like in the supermarket, mostly it’s about something that has nothing to do with the present moment and I have to admit that sometimes I don’t even realize that I am in this thought tornado and then a couple minutes later, I am like what was I doing I was just thinking about stuff that had nothing to do with the present moments.. So to be more in the present I like to be present into doing my tasks like for example when I am doing the dishes I love to feel the water flowing trough my hands.. I am listening to the sounds around me and I just try to be in the moment. It’s not always easy but I find that when I am doing this life gets so much less complicated because, if we are honest the most of our problems we are creating in our minds and I think that the fact that we are aware of that is already an amazing thing. Because you can watch your thoughts and say to yourself: ‘Hey I want to be in the present moment’ and then you just try use all your senses like: where am I, what do I see, what do I feel etc. and these things can really help you to live more in the present moment.

Take time to have Fun

I think that since we become adults we really don’t try to make as much fun as when we are children. I think that this has a lot to do with our responsibilities when we became adults, because we are getting much more worries like paying of the mortgage or we have to work to bring food on the table.. Sometimes we just forget to have fun and we will take life way to seriously, I have to admit I was one of those people always worrying about things in the future or past.. But I have learned that we shouldn’t take life to seriously and that from time to time we are aloud to have fun. for example I love to dance or sing, I put on some music and I just start dancing and singing really loud it’s so freeing and to me it’s so much fun.. and I think that it’s so important to have some fun in your life even if it’s as little as one hour per week just make sure that you don’t take life to seriously and know that we are aloud to have some fun once in a while.

Find a way to move your body (that you enjoy)

This one goes a little back to the last one because, I think that it’s so important to move your body it’s healthy for you and if you move even for just 10 minutes you immediately feel better.. As I said before I love to dance but it can be anything that you love I also love to do some yoga or ride on a bicycle.. or you can go out for a run whatever it is.. I believe you will feel so much better and your body will thank you for it in the long run, because you will feel so much healthier and happier when you are moving your body especially while having fun.. I try to move for at least 3 times a week and I always feel so much better after.

Make time for the people that you love

I really love this one.. I am used to have a really big family so when me and my boyfriend moved to the UK, it was really hard especially in the beginning.. But simply because of this experience I know how important it is to spend time with your loved ones and the people that care about you.. I love to spend time with my friends, or with my family my sweet little doggy Merci and my amazing boyfriend. It’s always so nice to spend time with the people you care about and it will makes you much more happy everyday.

Make time to be with yourself

This is really something that I try to do everyday I think that it’s so important to spend time with yourself because, if you or doing that you really start to get to know yourself.. you will know the things you want in life, you will know what things are making you happy and what doesn’t.. Ever since I am spending time to be with myself I really started to learn a lot about myself.. I also love to meditate and to just be silence, in the beginning I find that very hard.. but now I am really enjoying it and I started to learn so much about myself and I think that it’s so important to show yourself that you find yourself important enough to have some time off, to just sit back and relax.. you can also read a lovely magazine or enjoy a nice cup of tea just take some time out your day and you will feel so much more refreshed and happy.

Be Lazy without guilt

I think that this one of my favorites ways to be happy.. I have to admit I am quite a lazy person I never really was because, when I was growing up I always had to work and I always felt like I had to prove myself to the world. Now I don’t really have that anymore and I really starting to take care of myself and ever since I have been doing that I am a much more happy’er person.. But I have to admit there is always this voice in my head saying things like: you don’t work enough on your blog, you don’t have enough followers, or you’re not going to the gym enough. and I have to admit especially in this day of age with social media and everything it gets so hard to live a peaceful life and to be okey with it because, You are seeing on instagram that people are going to the gym everyday.. or they are having much more expensive dresses or even they look much prettier and slimmer then me.. I know it sometimes can be very hard.. But I have really learned to stay in my own light knowing what’s good for me and knowing what makes me happy in life and that is different for everyone, nobody is the same and that life is a journey to enjoy and once you realize that you can really learn to focus more on yourself and not other people and to just be lazy and don’t feel any guilt about it.. mostly when I am catching myself being insecure about those things. I really say to myself: Everyone is different and everyone has different values and what makes someone happy doesn’t necessary has to mean that it makes you happy to.. know your worth know what makes you happy in life and just do that.. don’t compare yourself to anyone else be happy with yourself and know that everyone is unique even you and that it’s okey where you are in life and the things you have, and who you are because, that’s your story and it’s unique and special to you and no one else's..


I hope I can inspire you to create more happiness in your life I have to admit I try to do these things everyday but it takes some practice and you have to fill it in the way it makes you happy, because that is something different for everyone.. because we are all unique in our own beautiful way..

Thanks for shopping by, and Have a lovely day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

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