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Getting Cozy for Fall..

Hello everyone

Today I wanted to share this post with you.. There is nothing that I love more, then getting cozy at home.. especially in the fall, I just love the colder weather the beautiful colored leaves falling from the trees and everything just looks so beautiful and magical. One of my most favorite things to do in Fall is staying at home with my sweet little family and getting cozy, Today I wanted to share 6 things that I love to do to get cozy at home in the Fall:


1.Putting on cozy socks.

There is nothing that I more then having warm and cozy feet and I think that these cute unicorn socks will perfectly help me to keep my feet warm . Especially in this colder weather.. I am sharing all of my favorite cozy socks for Fall with you to keep your feet warm and cozy and to still look very cute.

2. Drinking Hot chocolate from your favorite mug.

One of my favorite hot drinks in the Fall and even Winter is a hot chocolate, I just love hot chocolate especially with some delicious cream and some cute pink and white marshmallows, I always love to decorate my hot chocolate to make it taste even better and to make it look super cute, and what is more cuter then to serve your delicious hot chocolate in this cute Unicorn mug.. I have been drinking my hot chocolates from this mug since as long as I can remember and it looks so cute if your hot chocolate is served in a cute mug as this one it tastes even better. Here are some of my favorite mugs for Fall:

3. Putting on a cozy & comfy sweater.

There is nothing that I love more in the Fall then to put on a nice cozy warm sweater and to me the softer the better. When I am at home I always love to wear comfortable clothes. There is just something so lovely about wearing comfy clothes especially at home. I just love to put on some nice leggings a cozy sweater and some warm socks and this is usually the outfit that I love to wear at home on these cold and rainy Fall and Winter days. Here are all my favorite cozy sweaters for Fall:

4. Getting a cozy Blanket.

When I am at home with my sweet little girl Merci we just love to cuddle and get cozy. I love to watch a romantic Hallmark movie and my sweet little girl just loves to cuddle with her mommy (these are my favorite moments) So I always love to get our cozy blanket out, lay it on the couch and to me the softer the better it helps us to keep warm. It’s soft and my sweet little girl just loves to sleep on it especially when she is getting cozy on the couch with her mommy. Here are some for our favorite cozy blankets.

5. Light a Fall scented candle

I just love scented candles, especially in the Fall and around Christmas. My favorite Fall smell at the moment is pumpkin spice and the Autumn range of the White company. I just love to bring these beautiful scents into our home especially in Fall. Here are some of my favorite Fall candles:

5. Watching Hallmark Movies

I discovered Hallmark movies for about 4 years ago, when we first move to the UK around Christmas. I always love romantic movies and to me the cheesier the better. I just love a feel-good movie especially around Fall and Christmas for some reason they always have the most beautiful stories around these times of the year and I just love to watch them so much. Especially while getting cozy on the couch with my sweet little doggy while drinking a delicious hot chocolate and getting cozy on the couch.


So here are some of my favorite things to fo Fall white getting cozy at home with my sweet little girl Merci.. I hope I can inspire you and I will see you soon with some new inspiration.

Thanks for shopping by, and Have a lovely day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

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