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5 truths about life that you need to know to create Happiness and Inner- peace.

Hello everyone

Today I wanted to share this post with you.. I am very passionate about finding Happiness in life and to create a happy healthy lifestyle. I am always looking for inspiration and quotes to live by.. I came across these beautiful truths about life to live by and to find happiness in life and I really wanted to share them with you:


1. It’s impossible for anyone else to define you, you’re the only one who gets to say who you are...

I really love this saying. I used to be someone who was always relying on other people, what they thought that I had to be and what they wanted me to be, I never really truly trusted in myself enough to know who I was and what was best for me. I would completely let people control my life and my decisions. As soon as I let go of that I really started to feel happier knowing that my life was in my hands and that I had to learn to deal with my own choices, I used to be someone who let others choose for me and when it didn’t turn out right I blamed them and I never really took the blame, But that was wrong of me, now that I have learned that we all have to make our own choices and now that we all have to deal with the outcomes of our own choices I started to feel more happier because regardless what choices I made if it was good or bad I made it myself. So I had to deal with the outcome, and that really teaches me a lot about myself and it makes me a much happier person, knowing that you are unique and you are the only one who knows what's good for you and what makes you happy.

2. You were born with everything you need, you’re not missing anything..

I really love this saying, because especially in this day of age we all want more, and we all want a lot of stuff. especially with social media going on.. everyone has more everyone has a bigger house, a beautiful family, a more beautiful life etc. It is sometimes so hard to be content with the things you have and to realize that you don’t need anything more. I will admit I always let myself get carried away when I see people having something and I want too, or maybe even bigger and better as well. But there is a thing in that, if you really really think about it what do we actually need..? Of course we need some food and a roof over our head. But why do we always want more and more (I will admit it’s nice) But I think that it’s not really necessary? And if you think about it the things that we really need is the love around us, are the beautiful memories that we make, even walking in nature and admiring the beauty around us, I think these are the things that we really need the most, and the good part is that it’s totally free. So that's really something where I want to focus on, like what is more important in life and knowing that we are already enough just as it is.

3. Perfection is an illusion, we’ re all beautifully perfect.

For as long as I can remember I used to be a real perfectionist, But I have learned that if we all were perfect, life would be pretty boring, mostly its the imperfections that make life interesting and beautiful. The most beauty can be found in the most imperfect things like art for example... I really love to look at life this way knowing that we all have our imperfections and knowing that these imperfections make us who we are and if you think about it we are perfect just the way we are, as longs as you are yourself and be true to yourself.

4. You are not your thoughts, you are the calm awareness behind your thoughts..

This is really something that’s close to my heart. I used to be someone who used to believe everything that I thought, But now I have learned that even 80 % of what we think isn’t really true. We are making a lot of stuff up in our mind.. I think that most of our problems are actually created in our mind, for example I used to be someone who was always thinking about the worst case scenarios (and to be perfectly honest sometimes I still am) But ever since I have learned that not all my thoughts are true and I really try to learn to live more in the moment, life isn’t as complicates as I feel my thought sometimes make it out to be. I have learned to always question a thought: like for example if I think something bad, I always ask myself is it true is it really true..? and honestly most of the time it isn’t true or it is true but it’s not half bad as I thought it would be. I also love to live by this mantra: ''I don't believe anything I think'' ever since I am living by it I always question my thoughts and I have to admit it really helps me to be happier in life and to not over complicate things but to live in the moment more.

5. The past and future don’t exist anywhere except in your mind

Now is the only real moment..

This is really something that I am trying to learn every day, to me my mind always races and I am always busy thinking about things or in the future or in the past (if only there was a button you can switch of your mind) But I have learned that the most things I am thinking about haven't really happened yet, or they have happened ages ago and it doesn’t really have anything to do with the present moment. I know that it’s not always easy to live in the moment there are so many times when I think about something for ten minutes, and then all of a sudden I realize that I was in my thoughts. It happens a lot and I think that it’s normal we all have it or at least most of us.. But I think that it’s the art to catch yourself to say to yourself like Hey I just lost myself for a second and as soon as you are aware of that you can come back to the present moment. One thing that I also love to do to lie more in the moment is being mindful, especially while eating, or doing the dishes these are the moments when you can perfectly focus completely on your senses. I think that it’s so important to try to live in the moment because otherwise life is just passing by and you are to busy anticipating.. while when something happens in the moment you can deal with it right away. How much simpler and peaceful would life be If we just all could live in the present moment.


So here are 5 truths about life that really made me realize things about life that I haven't realized before, and I really truly love to live by them and to practice them in my day to day life. I hope I can inspire you and I will see you soon with some new inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by, and Have a lovely day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

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