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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎶

Hello everyone

I hope you all have a lovely day..? Today I wanted to share this post with you. I just love the Holliday season it’s my favorite time of the year and today I wanted to share my favorite Holliday traditions with you. These are the things that I love to do in the Holliday season..


1. Getting Cozy

Because it’s getting really cold outside I just love to get cozy at home with my sweet little doggy Merci. I get my cozy blanket and lay it on the couch she just loves to get cozy with her mommy especially when it’s cold outside.

2. Light a scented candle

There is nothing that I love more than to light my favorite Christmas candle especially in the Holliday season, my favorite candle for Christmas is the Yankee candle Snowflake Cookie I just love it so much it just smells so heavenly and I love it when our home smells like fresh baked cookies it’s such a heavenly smell to me. and it really gets me into the Christmas spirit.

3. Watch a Christmas Hallmark Movie

I just love to watch Romantic movies, especially in the Holliday season my favorite Christmas movies are the Hallmark movies. They always make me feel so good and they really help me to get into the Christmas spirit especially in the Holliday season. I just love the decor and the beautiful romantic stories I can watch them all day long and they always make me feel so happy and festive.

4. Drink a delicious Hot Chocolate with Cream and Marshmallows

One of my favorite drinks around Christmas time is a delicious Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. I just love to get a cozy blanket, light a scented candle, put on a Hallmark Christmas movie, drink a delicious cup of hot chocolate and just get cozy with my sweet little doggy Merci on the couch, these are my favorite moments and they always make me feel so happy and festive.

5. Bake delicious Christmas Cookies

I just love to bake (I just think that I have to do it more often) But I just love to bake delicious cookies especially for the Holliday season. My favorite part is to decorate them with icing. I just love to get really creative and make my cookies look as Christmassy and delicious as I possibly can and I just love how they look and really make me so happy for the Holliday season.


So here are some of my favorite Christmas traditions, I hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you a wonderful Holliday season and may you can spend it with your loved ones.

Thanks for shopping by, and Have a lovely day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

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