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5 things I love to do for Fall and my Princess Fall Bucketlist..

Hello everyone

Today I wanted to share this post with you.. I just love Fall there is just something so magical about Fall and I just love it so much. I think that it’s such a lovely time to spend it with you loved ones and today I wanted to share five of my favorite Fall rituals:


1. Feeding the squirrels in the park

I just love to feed the squirrels it’s one of my most favorite thing to do I will buy some Hazelnuts from the Tesco (that is our supermarket) I just love to feed these little guys they are always so cute when picking up the nuts and then they will eat or hide them and it’s the cutest thing that I have ever seen and I just love how healing it is to walk around in the park with all the beautiful trees and the Fall leaves it teaches me a lot about letting things go and living on and the Fall colors are always so beautiful I just love the beautiful colors which teaches me that letting go is a beautiful thing.

2. Make my favorite Chili and eat it together as a family

I just love to make comfort food especially with Fall there is just something so delicious about a home made chili. It just makes me feel good to eat something healthy and delicious and I think that a nice home made chili is a delicious dish for Fall.. Especially when you can share it with your loved ones your beautiful family and friends I just love to decorate my table with some cute pumpkins and some beautiful flowers and then to really enjoy the moment and being with your loved ones on a beautiful Fall day.

3. Getting Cozy with a Delicious Hot Chocolate with my sweet little family

Ever since a couple of years ago I stopped drinking coffee.. I do love my occasional Starbucks once a week, But overall I just love to drink tea or a Hot chocolate and especially in the winter time I just love to enjoy a delicious hot chocolate with some cream and marshmallows.I just love to snuggle up with my sweet little family light a nice candle put on a nice movie and to just enjoy the moment with a delicious cup of hot chocolate and to just enjoy the moment with my loved ones.

4. Light my favorite Fall candle

There is nothing that I love more then scented candles. I just love how a candle can really helps you to live in the moment and to enjoy the moment and to be with your loved ones. I especially love scented candles especially in the Fall I love Pumpkin spice candles they really help me to get into the Fall spirit and I just love the scents of the different seasons.

5. Wearing a nice Cozy Sweater and Socks

There is nothing that I love more then to snuggle up with a nice cozy sweater some cozy socks and to just hide under a soft warm blanket to enjoy the moment and to spent some nice quality time with my loved ones it’s really one of my favorite Fall traditions to go to the store.. I love to go to New Look to find myself a cozy sweater and some cozy socks and when I get home I will treat myself with a nice hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows put on my cozy clothes wear a nice blanket and to just enjoy the moment put on a nice show or a nice Fall movie and to just snuggle up on the couch enjoying the moment.


So these are some of my most favorite things to do for Fall I also made myself a nice Princess Fall bucket list.. I believe that all the beautiful woman in this world are princesses and I believe that if you feel and act like them we will live a happily ever after just my treading ourselves and I was so inspire by my life philosophy that I decided to make a Princess Fall Bucket list.. I hope I can inspire you and I will see you soon with some new inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by, and Have a lovely day.

With lots of love

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