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Tips to be more Joyful in Life..

Hello everyone

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend..? I sure did I even had my very first rose bath and it was amazing. Today I wanted to share 5 things to help you to be more Joyful in life. One of the things that I am learning at the moment is that when you are joyful in life your heart will be happy too and I think that that’s something that we all long for is to live a life where we are passionate about, and that we are living the life that we love. I think that being Joyful is necessary. Look at when we were children we could get Joy out of the smallest things and we were really living in the moment not worrying about anything.. but just having fun and doing the things that bring us Joy. I think that now that when we are adults we are dealing with a lot of adult stuff and sometimes we just forget to be Joyful. But I believe that to live a happy and healthy life we need to be Joyful and let’s be honest it sounds so much more fun to be Joyful then to be serious right..? So here are 7 of my tips:


1. Exercise

I just love to exercise I have to admit starting to exercise is always a bit hard especially when you are just home from a hard days work, you are all snuggled up on the couch and you don't like to get up.. Believe me there are always so many excuses we use and I used to do that do (and sometimes I still am) But I have really learned to get myself off that couch, and when I just finished my exercise I will feel so much better and so much more fulfilled. exercise will give you a shot of endorphins and this will make you feel so good and you probably lose a couple of calories along the way too so it's a win-win. I think that exercising is such a good way to be more Joyful. Make sure that you do something you love. I for one love to dance, but I also love to have a nice walk in nature it can be anything you want you can also go for a nice jog listening to your favorite music. Whatever it is just to get yourself off the couch and to just make you feel so much better about yourself and being joyful while doing it.

2. Go shopping

This has to be one of my favorite ways to feel more joyful and I believe that even just to get yourself out of the house and planning a nice shopping trip for yourself can really lift your mood, you don't even have to make a big purchase a small one will just do the trick as well. Treat yourself on something that makes you feel good about yourself it can be as nice as a pretty dress or as little as a nice shampoo to pamper yourself. Just to do something you love lifts up your spirit and just makes you feel good about yourself and make you more joyful.

3. Being Grateful

This is something that I love to practice every day and I have to admit it’s not always easy.. especially if you are like me going through a hard time but I do promise you that even when you can’t see something your grateful for, there always is. Sometimes you just need to look a little bit harder and just trust the process of life and believe that everything will work out for the best in the end.. Know that someone is guiding you and that better things are always around the corner and try to focus on all the beauty that life has to give and focus on the present.. don’t look back but look at the future what do you want, what makes you happy and look at all the blessings you already received so far and trust the timing of your life. Know that everything will be alright and be thankful for what you have and you will feel much more joyful.


This is something that I love to do every morning when I wake up. It helps me to have a positive and calm perspective on the day ahead. It’s so nice to clear your mind and relax the body. And I always find it a nice way to start my day, your mediation can be as little as 5 minutes a day but you will feel so much better and refreshed afterward. I just love to put my timer on 20 minutes and to just focus on my breath and when I find my mind wandering, I will try to focus on my breath again, and I believe that it’s really healing and it helps me to be more lighthearted during the day. I am so much calmer in stressful situations and I am so more Joyful about the little silly things. And I think that it helps you to live more in the moment and to enjoy yourself a little more every day, and isn’t that something that we all want and love.

5. Walk around in Nature

This is something that me and my boyfriend implementing into our routine. As soon as he comes from work we will go on a nice walk.. We love to walk across the beach and then walk to our local park to feed the squirrels and to walk around in nature. I always feel so much more refreshed when we do this and it gives me so much more Joy, just to be outside, have a lovely walk feel the cold wind.. admiring the beautiful nature around us and to just admire the sea seeing the waves passing by. I find this such a calming and relaxing feeling it really tells me that no matter where you are in life there is always a way of them making it to the shore and this is really something that calms and relaxes me to just trust in nature, trust in yourself, trust the timing of life but knowing that everything is gonna be alright it always has and it always will be, have faith.. Faith in yourself and faith in God know that all your dreams will come true and that what’s meant to be will always find a way.

6. Stop and Smell the Roses

Good smells such as floral scents can make you feel happier. This is something that I luckily learned very early in life. When I was younger I got a job in a flower shop and it always used to be so healing for me, to be around fresh flowers. And if you look at flowers there is such simplicity and beauty in them that you can only admire and appreciate. It’s something so beautiful that mother nature has given us simply to remind ourselves that beauty is within each one of us and all around us. I just love to have flowers in our home it makes it smell so heavenly and even looking at a flower always puts a smile on my face. Simply because they are so beautiful and to me, they are little pieces of heaven.

7. Light a Candle

I just love to light a beautiful candle it’s so relaxing and really helps you to get into a different mood, especially when you are using scented candles. I just love how scented candles can take you to different times of your life, for example, a Christmas candle can take you into the Christmas spirit and a Lavender candle can helps you to be more relaxed and calm. Candles can help us to live more in the moment and to be more Joyful.


So here are some of my tips to be more Joyful in life. I know that it’s not always easy but I believe that with these small tips you can make yourself feel better, to live more in the moment and to just be happier about yourself and about life. I hope that I can inspire you and I will see you soon with some new inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by, and Have a lovely day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

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