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Hello Everyone! I am so excited to share this video with you today. I just love to have tea and a high tea, ever since I am living in the UK I just love having tea it just makes me so happy and I just love to have some time for myself. With this little video, I want to inspire you to have a lovely high tea at home. Just to spoil yourself with some quality time and some time for yourself. When I am having tea time I also love to have some delicious treats like these delicious macaroons I also love to have some delicious scones. I love to eat my scones with clotted cream and fresh strawberries, but you can also have your scones with some jam. I just love to treat myself, it's just some little time that I make free every day just to enjoy the moment and to just sit and relax and to treat myself with a delicious cup of tea and a delicious little treat.

This high tea is inspired by the movie Marie Antionette. I just love the movie with all the pastel colors, the pretty florals everything just looks so beautiful to me. I also love to mix and match my china and I think simply by mix and matching it makes it looks so much cuter and prettier, you can get a lot of your china from charity shops or even on the Etsy website and you can treat yourself with a pretty floral teacup, I think it makes the whole high tea experience extra special and you can indulge yourself and feel like a princess or even a queen for a moment. I also love to have my tea in my favorite teapot, I just love this teapot so much it's an antique one and I just love the beautiful florals and this teapot really reminds me of Marie Antionette with the golden details and the florals.

I am also sharing 15 tips to host the perfect High Tea party. I just love to have High Tea party's either with friends and family or at home by myself. I think that there is just something so magical in having a lovely high tea party because they can take you back into the historic times of Marie Antoinette where everything just looks so beautiful pretty and romantic. I hope that with these tips I can inspire you to have a lovely high tea afternoon by yourself or with some friends and your loved ones.

I also wanted to share this beautiful mood board with you inspired by Marie Antionette. I hope that I can inspire you to treat yourself with a delicious high tea, you can make it as pretty as you like and you can have as many treats as you like as well. You can have it as big or as small as you wish, but I do believe simply by having this time for yourself you will feel so much better and it truly makes you feel special even if it's just for half an hour a day, and even if you have children you can either let them do something for themselves or you can even do this with your children how much fun is that. Having tea with your loved ones just treat yourself and just enjoy this beautiful moment. I hope I can inspire you and hopefully I will see you soon with some new inspiration Lots of Love..

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