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I am so excited to share this post with you today.. Today I wanted to share my top 10 of best Period Dramas of all time. There are so many that I love so it's going to be quiet a challenge to narrow it down to ten. But maybe I will do another one like this in the future. So here are my top 10 best period dramas of all time:

1. Outlander

Outlander has to be one of my most favorite period dramas of all time, it's such a beautiful story about a woman named Claire who travels into the past through the stones when she is on a honeymoon with her then-husband. She will meet a handsome Scott named Jamie and it's just such a beautiful story, if you haven't watched Outlander you should definitely go and watch.. it just takes you too this beautiful journey of Love, Scotland, handsome men wearing kilts. It's just such a beautiful story and I loved it so much.. it's one of my most favorite period dramas Ever!!

You can watch the Trailer of Outlander here

2. Seyit and Sura

Seyit and Sura is one of my most favorite historic drama stories of all time and I loved it, even more, when I've found out that it's a true story. This series is Turkish spoken, but when I watched it on Netflix last year I could really follow it with the subtitles. It's about this woman named Sura the daughter of Russian nobles who falls in love with a Turkish lieutenant called Seyit they have to fight for their love against forces of family and social expectation and historical events, it's such a beautiful story and so beautifully made I love the music of these series and it took me to Russia where the first half of the show is set and then to Istanbul where the second half of the show is set. And I just loved this story so much, I definitely recommend you'll go watching it if you haven't already seen it, it's just so beautifully made.

You can watch the Trailer of Seyit and Sura here

3. War and Peace

I really loved this historic drama story, it's such a beautiful story about love and war and how love conquers all. I loved the setting of this show and the costumes are beautiful as well. I enjoyed watching it and it has such a beautiful story. There are many stories in one so you should definitely go and watch, I promise You wouldn't be disappointed.

You can watch the Trailer of War and Peace here

4. Sense and Sensibility

I just love Jane Austen so much and lately, I've been watching her stories over and over again. I loved Sense and Sensibility the story is about two sisters who are from a poor family and trying to find love in society, it's such a beautiful story and I can watch it over and over again. The costumes are beautiful and it's so beautifully made.

You can watch the trailer from Sense and Sensibility here

5. Pride and Prejudice

Another adoption of Jane Austen's stories. I really love Pride and Prejudice I think that it's such a relatable story and it has been adopted many times, also in our beloved Bridget Jones Diary which is based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. The story is about: While the arrival of wealthy gentlemen sends her marriage-minded mother into a frenzy, willful and opinionated Elizabeth Bennet matches wits with haughty Mr. Darcy. Again such a relatable story and if you haven't watched it, you should definitely go and watch.

You can find the Trailer of Pride and Prejudice here

6. Emma

I've already talked a lot about Emma on my blog you can even watch me Spending the Day Like Emma here, But she just fascinates me so much I just love the story of Emma and it has been adopted many times as well, I loved the mini-series that I recently watched on Netflix, Again it's such a relatable story and so beautifully made, Emma is about a wealthy girl who lived with her worrisome father and loves to be a matchmaker for her friends and family although she managed to succeed sometimes, This time she has it a little bit wrong when she tries to match her best friend with Mr. Elton. It's such a funny story with such a surprising Ending and no matter how many times I watched Emma I can certainly watch it over and over again. The thing that I loved about this adaption of Emma is that it tells the story in length which makes you understand it even more as if you read the book, I haven't read the book yet but it's definitely something that I would love to do.. In the meantime, I would definitely recommend watching these series.

You can watch the Trailer of Emma here

7. The Paradise

I just loved to watch the Paradise, These series are so beautifully made and it just makes me want to travel back into time and go shopping in The Paradise. The Paradise is about a young girl called Denise who is coming from the country to work for her uncle who owns a little shop, her uncle is struggling because of his competition which is the Paradise a beautiful store that is located right across his shop because her uncle couldn't hire her, she decides to work in the Paradise.. it's such a beautiful story and so inspiring and like I said before I just would love to shop there, everything just looks so beautiful and it's such a treat for the eye, if you haven't seen the Paradise before, I would definitely recommend it.

You can watch the Trailer of The Paradise here

8. Mr Selfridge

I just love the series of Mr. Selfridge so much actually, I've been watching it for the second time now, I've watched it before a couple of years ago and I decided that I wanted to watch it again, Mr Selfridge is a real-life story about the famous department store in London called Selfridges which is actually still there. It follows the story of Harry Selfridge, his family, friends, and his staff, It's such an amazing story and again so beautifully made and the costumes again are so gorgeous, and just like the Paradise I would love to time-travel and shop in Mr. Selfridges store, because everything just looks so beautiful to me form the decor, to the costumes everything just looks breathtaking, If you haven's seen Mr. Selfridges you should definitely go and watch it.

You can watch the Trailer of Mr. Selfridges here

9. Downton Abbey

I just loved Downton Abbey, it's such a fascinated show and so beautifully made, You will follow the rich Crawly family and their staff, it's such a treat for the eye and if you love historic period dramas then you will definitely love Downton Abbey there is something in there for everyone. And I always find it so fascinated to see how people used to live, how it was very normal having staff, and how there was such a huge difference between coming from a wealthy family or coming from a poor family, in Downtown Abbey you can view it all, it really takes you back into the historic times, how people used to live, how they used to dress, it just all looks so beautiful and fascinating to me, Downtown Abbey is certainly a treat to watch from the beautiful estate their living in, to their beautiful costumes that changes over the years which is very fascinated to watch as well.

You can watch the trailer of Downton Abbey here

10. When Calls the Heart

One of my most favorite period drama shows has to be When Calles the Heart, I just love these series so much, it's actually from the Hallmark Channel and I just can't get enough of how beautiful this show is, it's truly so heartwarming and I find myself watching it over and over again, I just love everything about this show, It's about a wealthy lady called Elisabeth who leaves her rich lifestyle to be a teacher in the Wild West, where she meets the town people and the handsome Mountie Jack, This series is such a treat to watch, and I do love the costumes as well, but the thing that I love the most about these series is how it's touching your heart, it's so beautifully written and it truly warms your heart over and over again.

You can watch the Trailer of When Calls the Heart here

So these were some of my favorite Period Drama Series, I just love to watch these series over and over again, and hopefully, I can inspire you to watch them too.. I just love to watch beautiful historic drama series they take me back to the historic times, when the woman used to wear beautiful dresses, and where life was so much more simpler than now, and sometimes I just love to escape into these beautiful stories and be swept away by these inspiring love stories. I hope I can inspire you and hopefully I will see you soon with some new inspiration.

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