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Hello, everyone!! I am so excited to share this post with you today. There is nothing that I love more than to dress up in beautiful dresses, I just love floral dresses inspired by the Jane Austen Era and this dress reminds me of that Era because of the beautiful floral prints and the linen fabric. I also love the puffed sleeves and the low neckline it's such a pretty dress and I just love it so much. By wearing this dress I truly feel like I am living in a Jane Austen movie.

There are so many Jane Austen stories that I love and one of my favorite stories has to be pride and prejudice, I just love the movie so much and I've watched it so many times I love the romantic story, but most of all I love the costumes and dresses that they are wearing it just all looks so beautiful to me. I also love the modern adoption of Bridget Jones it's such a beautiful love story and I think that you can hear it over and over again.

I am just so in love with this beautiful dress it's called the Angie dress and it's from Loveshackfancy I love that this dress reminds me of the Jane Austen Era and I just love to wear it all day long it makes me feel so feminine and this dress is just so beautifully made. I love to wear beautiful ribbons in my hair on these days it gives me such a sense of prettiness I always love to add lace ribbons as accessories and if you asked me you can never have too many laces. I hope I can inspire you and I will see you soon with some new inspiration.

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