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I am so excited to share these beautiful photos with you, my dresses and Shabby chic petticoat bedding in blush pink truly make me feel like I am in the Victorian Era. I just love how these photos turned out. At the moment there has been a lot going on in the world and if there is a lot of negativity I love to escape into another world so I love to pretend that I am in my own Jane Austen story right now, I just love to live how they used to live and it's given me a lot of comforts knowing that even in these times people had just as little but were content with what they had, they got their eggs from their chickens they got their vegetables from the market, or they bought it from the local farmers. Everything was on such a smaller scale as it is now and they still could get by and were as happy as ever. This makes me think that even how hard everything seems right now it's not a bad thing to go back to zero, to get your bread freshly baked from your local bakery to either grow vegetables yourself or get them from your local farmer. I think that there is so much authenticity in living that way. And that you don't need that much, just the things that make you happy and if you think about it, it's usually the little things were true happiness lies.

last year I've learned the biggest life lesson and that's that love and making memories are the most important things in life. I think that sometimes we get carried away with competing with each other and always wanting more and bigger things ( and believe me I sometimes catch myself comparing or wanting what others have) but I do believe that nothing in this whole wide world compares to love, loving yourself and to love the people around you and taking care of each other it's something that I still have to learn and I am learning every day. But I do believe that you can have all the money in the world you can have all the stuff in the world, but if you are not able to share these things you have nothing. Don't get me wrong it's nice to be on your own sometimes but I do believe that instead of by getting something which makes you feel good, giving something will even make you feel better. And that's something that I want to learn, to give more and it doesn't have to be something big it can either be giving a smile to a stranger or opening the door for someone as I said before it's the little things in life.

I hope I can inspire you sometimes I love to talk about happiness, and what things you can do daily to feel happier and content with yourself, and believe me I am still learning every day. But I do believe that by sharing these things, I can learn so much about myself, about life and how to be happier and hopefully, I can inspire you as well. Thank you so much for stopping by and I will see you soon with some new inspiration.

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