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Hello Everyone. I am so excited to share this video with you, I just love to create a beautiful picnic outside especially when the weather is lovely. I am sharing with you how to create this beautiful Jane Austen inspired picnic. I just love Jane Austen she inspires me so much. and I am so excited to share this beautiful little video with you..

I just love how this Jane Austen inspired picnic turned out, Jane Austen is one of my most favorite authors and I just can get lost in her beautiful love stories.. and I just love to daydream all day long about Mr. Darcy, Emma, North Hanger Abbey, etc. and I always get so inspired with the beautiful decor, the beautiful dresses that the woman used to wear and sometimes I just wish that I was born in that era everything just looks so beautiful to me. I just love being inspired by Jane Austen's beautiful stories and when I think of Jane Austen I think of beautiful floral linen dresses, pretty floral blankets, Vintage floral teacups, etc. I just love how this little picnic turned out and I truly hope I can inspire you to create a beautiful Jane Austen inspired picnic.

I also created this beautiful mood board, one of my most favorite Jane Austen inspired movies has to be Austenland you can see the trailer here. everything about this movie inspires me so much and it truly wants me to live in the Jane Austen Era. it's such a wonderful movie and so beautifully made, it's about a woman called Jane who lives in the present time and is obsessed with Jane Austen she is always on the search for her perfect Mr. Darcy but she just can't seem so find him, and at one day she decides to go on this trip called the ultimate Jane Austen experience which means that she'll get to live like Jane Austen in a Beautiful estate in the English countryside, she'll be wearing the costumes etc. and everything just looks like the Jane Austen era she also gets her own storyline and of course there are some handsome man as well. it's such a feel-good movie and everything about this movie reminds me of the Jane Austen era, if you haven't seen the movie but love Jane Austen you definitely should go and watch it, it's my favorite movie ever...

I also created these wonderful tips on how to create the perfect Jane Austen inspired picnic, I hope you enjoy the video I had so much fun creating it for you and I just love Jane Austen so much she is just such an inspiration. I hope you're having a wonderful day and hopefully I will see you very soon with some new inspiration Lots of Love

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