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I am so in love with beautiful bows, and if you asked me the bigger the bow the better. I also love to wear a beautiful bow in my hair. It reminds me of the Victorian era and I think that adding a bow either if it's to your outfit, to your dress, or your floral napkins it always adds that extra little touch. If you asked me you can never have too many bows and I especially love to wear one in my hair it's just so pretty and it always makes me feel so feminine and pretty.

I am so in love with beautiful floral dresses, I just love how feminine and pretty they are and they are perfect to wear in the summer, or even in the Fall and winter with a nice cozy vest and some tights or boots underneath. There is just something about beautiful floral dresses and I just can't get enough of them and simply by wearing them I feel like I am Marie Antionette or I am in a Jane Austen movie. I just love the beautiful dresses of Loveshackfancy there is just something so beautiful and romantic about them and they remind me of beautiful vintage princess dresses. I just love their dresses so much they are so timeless and make you feel like a princess. You can shop for all my favorite Loveshackfancy floral dresses here.

I love that you can wear this adorable dress on both sides, you can wear it with the bow in the front which is super cute, or you can wear the bow on the back which is also really cute and then the dress is more covered on the front which is perfect when you go out to dinner, or want to wear this dress in Winter or Fall then you are a little bit more covered on the front. I just love how versatile this little dress is and the beautiful floral print is my favorite I also love the beautiful pink color and the linen fabric it's just such a pretty dress and it truly reminds me of the Victorian Era.

I hope I can inspire you to wear a beautiful little dress inspired by the Victorian Era and the English countryside, I just love to wear pretty vintage-inspired dresses, they always make me so happy. The things that I love about Vintage dresses are the puffed sleeves and floral prints. I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of love joy health and happiness, may you can spend it with your loved ones.

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