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Recently I watched the beautiful movie of Little Woman I watched two versions the one that came out in 1994 and the one that just came out last year in 2019 I love them both and there are certain aspects that I love about the new movie which are the beautiful costumes and how aesthetically pleasing that movie is, I also love the amazing actors. But for some reason, my heart always goes to the 1994 version I think that it has a lot the do with the fact that I grew up with that movie and every year with Christmas we would be watching Little Woman and it was always my favorite movie growing up it's so beautifully made and I remember that when I was younger I was always so fascinated by Amy when she grew up in such a beautiful and elegant woman and I remember that she traveled with her aunt Marsh to Paris and I wanted that too growing up. I think that it's such a heartwarming story and in all honesty, I have something in comment with all the sisters I am very homey like Beth, I love nice things while growing up which reminds me of Meg, I love to be creative and to travel like Amy and I just love everything about Jo and just like Jo I am dreaming of doing something great one day too.

I think that that's what makes the story so beautiful we all have certain points in life where we can relate to the March sisters and I also find myself in every phase in my life more like one of those sisters. It's such a beautiful and relatable story and I just love to watch it over and over again. One thing that I want to do more often is to read books especially in these cozy fall and winter months and I really would love to read the Little Woman series. I am always more of a visual person so you can often see me watching the movies or series but I think that with reading books you always go a bit further into your imagination and that's something that I would love to do from now on.

With the cozy Fall days and Christmas months, I just love to get cozy at home and to watch little woman, I hope I can inspire you and if you haven't watch Little Woman you definitely should as I said I love the 1994 version because it's more sentimental to me and I am having so many beautiful memories watching the movie but I honestly love the 2019 version as well. I also love to read the books I think that the story is just so beautiful and it's an old-time classic a story that I will cherish forever and a story that I always feel relatable to. I hope I can inspire you to watch these beautiful movies and read these wonderful books. I hope you're having a wonderful day and hopefully I will see you very soon with some new inspiration. Lots of Love Vania

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