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Hello everyone.. I am so excited to share this post with you today, Today I wanted to share my favorite Jane Austen inspired movies/ series and I would love to share how I would watch them. There is so much going on these days and especially with these cold, rainy winter months coming up I just love to snuggle up at home. I just love to wear my favorite pajamas ( I usually get mine comfy ones from F&F at Tesco) I get my warm and cozy blanket, light my favorite winter candle (around Christmas time it's usually the snowflake cookies one from Yankee) and I watch my favorite Jane Austen inspires movies and series. Here are some of my favorites:


Emma is one of my most favorite Jane Austen stories, I love everything about Emma and I love the fact that there are so many different adaptions of Emma I personally love the 2020 one that has to be one of my most favorite movies ever!! I just think that it's so beautifully made with all the beautiful dresses their pretty florals their beautiful home everything is just so gorgeous and truly breathtaking, I also love the color scheme of this movie everything just looks s stunning. I also love the acting which is really good as well. I also love the other adaptions I love the mini-series from 2009 you can watch this adaption on Netflix, I also love the 1996 adaption with Gwyneth Paltrow. I also love Clueless which is inspired by Jane Austen's novel Emma with Alicia Silverstone.

Have some Delicious Macarons and watch Emma in your Pretty White Night Gown

Sense and Sensibility

I just love Sense and Sensibility, I think that it's such a heartwarming story, and I could watch it over and over again. The story is about two sisters who are from poor status and they fell in love with two respectable young men although nothing is what it seems. I just love the twitch of the story and you truly don't know what will happen until the end and I think that that's such a beautiful representation of love. Because sometimes we get so blindsided that we cannot see what's in front of us and I believe that Sense and Sensibility tells this story so beautifully. There are two versions of Sense and Sensibility one from 1995 with Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson and one from 2008 with Dan Stevens. I love both series so much and you can even watch one on Netflix at the moment.

Curl up on the Couch with a Cozy Blanket a warm Cup of Tea and Watch Sense and Sensibility

Pride and Prejudice

I just love Pride and Prejudice it's such a beautiful story again about love and that nothing is quite what it seems. The thing that I love about Pride and Prejudice is the beautiful costumes the woman are wearing such beautiful dresses and they look so elegant. I also love the story about Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy I think that it's such a beautiful story about love and how much opposites attract each other. There are many adaptions of Pride and Prejudice there is a beautiful movie with Keira Knightly from 2005, I love the miniseries with Collin Firth from 1995, and my absolute favorite has to be Bridget Jones's Diary which just as Clueless is inspired by Jane Austen's classic Pride and Prejudice.

Bake a Delicious Victoria Sponge Cake and Watch Pride and Prejudice.


Austenland is not really inspired by Jane Austen's novels but it's a beautiful adaption inspired by Jane Austen, It's about a woman called Jane who lives in the present time who is a true Jane Austen fan and dreams to be in her own Jane Austen story to find her Mr. Darcy. One day she decides to go to England to an estate where she will be her own Jane Austen heroine with her own happy ending. I think this movie is so beautifully made and in all honestly, I wish I could be in my own Jane Austen story as well. I think that many women fantasize to be in that time era, to wear these beautiful dresses, have those extravagant dinners, teatime, and a ball, and of course with a handsome Mr. Darcy.

Have some Delicious Cupcakes and Watch Austenland

The Jane Austen Book Club

I recently watched The Jane Austen Book Club and I have to say I quite liked this movie, it tells the story of six different individuals who decide to start their own Jane Austen bookclub where all six have to pick their own Jane Austen novel and read it for a month and then they come together and talk about the specific book for that specific month, The thing that I loved most about this movie is, that even how long ago Jane Austen wrote these novels the stories she wrote still happen in the present time, you'll see how each individual recognizes themselves and their lives stories in Jane Austen's novels and they try to learn from them or live by them. I think that it's such a beautiful movie about life and how it's sometimes so healing to look at things from different perspectives and to realize that everyone struggles in life to find their happily ever after.

Get some Comfort Food, Wear some Cozy PJs and Watch The Jane Austen Book Club

Northanger Abbey

I loved Northanger Abbey it's quite an interesting story about a young woman's penchant for sensational Gothic novels that leads to misunderstandings in matters of the heart. I loved how this story plaid out I wasn't quite expecting that, she is quite hang up on her Gothic Novel stories and she confuses reality with fiction which brings her into trouble with the father of her love interest Captain Tilney. She soon learns that her imagination has taken over reality and that her stories are pure fiction. I do love the end of this movie and I love it when she traveled to the excited little place of Bath where she meets her friend and goes to an extravagant ball where she meets the charming Henry Tilney and his sister Eleanor. I love the end of this movie it has quiet a twist but I do love it very much if you love Jane Austen and sensational Gothic novels this movie is a must seen it has the most beautiful backdrop especially the mysterious home of the Tilney's and I do love the costumes they're so beautiful and I love the beautiful scenery of the charming little place called Bath.

Make yourself a Delicious Cup of Tea and Light some Candles To Watch Northanger Abbey

These are some of my most favorite Jane Austen movies/ series and how I would watch them. I hope I can inspire you. I just love to escape in these beautiful stories and I think especially on these winter days, it's so lovely to just stay at home curl up on the couch, and to just get lost in these beautiful Jane Austen inspired movies/ series. I truly hope I can inspire you and hopefully I will see you very soon with some new inspiration. I am wishing you a beautiful day.. Lots of Love Vania

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