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Hello, my sweet friends.. I am so excited to share this post with you today.. My Birthday is coming up very soon.. I really wanted to practice some self care on my Birthday this year.. I think that it’s so important to take care of yourself to just relax Take some time for yourself have a nice and relaxing evening routine and to feel relaxed and retarget on your Birthday.. So I thought that it would be so much fun to create a wonderful Evening Routine on my Birthday.. Here are some wonderful tips for How to Feel like a Beautiful Princess on your Birthday

Have a Nice and Relaxing Spa at Home

I just love to have a little Spa at Home, To treat myself with some of my favorite Soaps and Lotions, To paint my nails in a Pretty Pink Ballerina Color, To wash my Hair with some of my favorite hair products to make it look all shiny and silky smooth. and to just have a nice and relaxing night in and practice some self care using all of my favorite beauty products.

Apply a Face Mask and use Rose Quirt Roller

I just love to hydrate my skin by using a face mask, I just apply the mask and use a rose quartz roller to make sure that the mask is hydrating my skin.. Then I like to wear a pretty silk robe, make myself a cup of tea and to just wait until I can take the mask off, Once my mask is off after 20 minutes I like to add some night serum to my skin to make my skin look all smooth and hydrated.

Add some Face Cream and Lotions

I just love to add some creams and lotions to my skin, I got some really good lotions from TK Maxx, and I like to apply some Rose water-infused lotions to my skin, They make my skin so soft and they smell heavenly.. I just love to treat myself to some lotion and soaps infused with rose water.

Have some Water with a Slice of Lemon

I just love to drink some water, especially in the evening.. I like to add a slice of lemon to my water and hydrate myself and make sure that I drink enough water.. Especially during the day.

Have a Nice and Relaxing Bath with some Candles and Rose Petals

There is nothing that I love more than to have a nice and relaxing bath, especially in the evening before going to bed.. It always makes me feel so relaxed and I love to light some candles add some rose petals and bath salts to my bath, have some relaxing music in the background and to just enjoy the moment.. It’s truly so calming and relaxing and the perfect way to spend the evening by having a nice and relaxing bath.

Wear a Pink Silk Bath Robe

When I am at Home I just love to wear a pretty silk robe, It’s just so comfy and feels so smooth on my skin.. I just love a silk robe because it’s so soft and silky smooth. and especially when I am doing my evening routine I love to wear a pretty pink silk robe.

Make yourself a Delicious Cup of Chamomile Tea before going to Bed

Before I am going to bed, I just love to make myself a delicious cup of chamomile tea.. It’s so relaxing and it really helps me to sleep.. I love to add some honey to my chamomile tea and a slice of fresh lemon.. I also love to add some rose petals to my tea.

Go to Bed and Wear a Beautiful Night Gown

When I am going to bed, I just love to wear a beautiful nightgown and a pink ribbon in my hair to feel like a princess and to have some sweet dreams.

These were some wonderful tips for How to create a Princess inspired Evening Routine on your Birthday.. I truly hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of love, joy, health and happiness.. May you can spend it with your loved ones and May all your dreams and wishes come true.. Sending lots of love

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