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Hello everyone. I am so excited to share my new youtube video with you today. Spring is one of my most favorite seasons. I just love the beautiful pink blossom trees outside they always make me so happy and I just love it when the weather gets warmer because it means that I can finally wear beautiful dresses all day long. I just love to wear beautiful dresses and I just love the warmer weather. For some reason, the sun always makes me so happy, especially after all these grey and rainy days here in the UK. One of my biggest dreams is to live in a beautiful country where the sun shoes every day.. Don't get me wrong I love living in the Uk. There is just so much about living in the UK that I like, especially getting cozy, have a delicious Starbucks on a cold and rainy morning.. I love to celebrate Christmas here when everything just looks so beautiful and cozy. But my heart always goes out to sunshine and the warmer weather., I just love to go to the beach and I love to wear beautiful dresses all day long which makes me more of a Spring and Summer person.. Today I wanted to share my favorite Cottage core inspired dresses for Spring with you and the beautiful pink blossom trees that we're having here in the UK they're truly so breathtaking to me.

I just love beautiful Cottage Core inspired dresses, especially for the Spring and Summer season. I've been daydreaming to wear these beautiful dresses while having a picnic outside between the beautiful blossom trees, or to just go outside bring a blanket and a pillow and my favorite book and to just go read outside for a little bit while hearing the birds chirping away, feeling the sunshine glowing on my skin and to enjoy a cool summer breeze while sitting outside and read my favorite book. I am also dreaming of wearing these beautiful cottage core-inspired dresses while picking flowers outside or when I am frolicking through the fields while making flower crowns of the beautiful little flowers that I've picked. I just love the English countryside so much it always looks so beautiful and so romantic to me and I cannot wait to spend these beautiful Spring and Summer day's being outside and to wear these beautiful dresses. Here are some of my favorite dresses for the Spring and Summer:

I also created this beautiful mood board inspired by my youtube video.. My favorite Cottage Core Inspired dresses for Spring. I hope I can inspire you to wear beautiful Cottage Core inspired dresses for the Spring and Summer. and I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of Love, Joy Heath, and Happiness... May you can spend it with your loved ones.. Sending you lots of love

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