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Hello everyone.. I am so excited to share my new youtube video with you today.. I have a frosted tree and I filled it with the most beautiful and most magical ornaments inspired by the Nutcracker ballet, The colors that I've used in our home are white pink, and gold. These are my favorite colors and I truly believe that these colors go so well together and it really makes our home look so pretty and romantic with all these pink, white and golden accents. The main theme for our three is the Nutcracker and the Swan lake ballet and I even have the most beautiful ballerina and the prettiest sugar plum fairy made by the sweetest Bella Bow Fairy you can find her magical fairies here she is just so talented and makes the most enchanting fairies.

I just love the Nutcracker Ballet I think it's just so beautiful and it truly always brings me into the Christmas spirit I just love the beautiful music and the beautiful costumes and the decor is just breathtaking and just by watching and listen to the Nutcracker Ballet during Christmas it always makes me so happy and it just gives me such a happy feeling and I just love to theme my tree after it. A lot of these beautiful ornaments are from the Range you can find them here. Like this beautiful ballerina which reminded me of a Dancing Snowflake and this pretty mouse which also reminds me of the Nutcracker. I also have this adorable little dear with a pretty pink bow and I think that she is just so cute and I have her for a while but I love to hang her on my tree. I also have some beautiful bubbles I just love the pink and golden one, I just love pink and gold together I think it just looks so beautiful and I just love to fill our home with beautiful pink Christmas decor and beautiful gold accents. I also love to add some pretty shabby chic baubles to my tree I think they are just so pretty and they look so beautiful in our tree..

I also made this beautiful mood board. I am so happy with how our Christmas decor turned out this year, it truly feels like a Pink Nutcracker Winter Wonderland. Everything just looks so beautiful and I just love to decorate our home for the Christmas season, it just makes me so happy when our home looks like a pink wonderland. There is just something about these pretty pink colors that makes it feel like the land of sweets and I just love to sit on the couch turn on the Nutcracker musical in the background, I love to watch this version of The Nutcracker. and it even feels like a Christmas movie because Macaulay Culkin plays the main role in this musical/film. and I love to light my favorite Christmas candle the Yankee Snowflake Cookies candle and to just watch the pretty lights and ornaments on my tree while drinking a delicious cup of hot chocolate and have some delicious treat like some delicious marzipan, and gingerbread cookies and to just enjoy this magical Christmas decor. I am wishing you all a wonderful Christmas holiday season filled with lots of love joy health and happiness and may all your hopes and dreams come true.. lots of love

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