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I am so excited to share this super simple DIY with you. I think that with just these little details you can transform a beautiful Dress into a true princess dress. I just love to wear beautiful dresses that make you feel like a princess and I think that just by adding these beautiful satin bows to your dress you can transform your dress and feel like a princess while wearing this beautiful dress.

I've found this beautiful white dress at Amazone You can find it here it also comes in many different colors as well. I will also link some similar dresses below as well. I think that this is such a wonderful DIY and it's really simple as well, you just make some beautiful satin bows from some ribbons and you just add them to your dress, You can also do this DIY on maybe an old dress that you have lying around in your closet and you just want to transform the dress into a beautiful princess dress just with these simple steps. I also love that once you've made the bows you can use the bows for so much more it's such a fun DIY and there are many different possibilities with that as well. I love to use the bows on my napkins when I decorate our table. You can also add the bows to a sweater. There is a beautiful DIY of that coming up as well. I think it's just such a nice detail and you can really transform your dress into a beautiful princess dress, Just by following these simple steps, down below I will link some beautiful dresses where to add the ribbons too and I will link some beautiful satin ribbons for you but you can use any ribbons, any materials, any colors that you like.

I truly hope I can inspire you to create your own beautiful princess inspired dress with these beautiful satin bows on the shoulders. I had so much fun creating this beautiful dress for you and I hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of love Joy health and happiness.. May you can spend it with your loved ones.

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