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Hello everyone! I am so excited to share this post with you today. If you asked me I would probably say that our bedroom is my most favorite place in our home. I just love the pretty pillow with beautiful pink florals and ruffles. This is really my happy place and I love to come and sit here to relax and to just have some time for myself it's so peaceful and I just love it so much.

I just love all these beautiful pillows and if you asked me I would say the more pillows the better. I just love to collect pretty pillows, because they are so beautiful and they make you feel like a princess. I also love to light my favorite candle, this is the Rose candle from the white company and it makes your home smells like roses and it just smells so heavenly and relaxing in this beautiful space. I just love it so much. I also have some of my favorite flowers on my nightstand I just love to wake up and see these beautiful flowers they've always brighten my day and I just love it so much. To wake up in this beautiful place.

So this is my little Shabby Chic bedroom I hope you like it and I hope I can inspire you. I also recently made a little youtube video about being grateful and you can also see my bedroom in here, I just had so much fun making this little video, because I think that it's so important especially in these uncertain times to be grateful and to see how many beautiful things we already have and how many beautiful things we have to be grateful for. So I am excited to share this little video with you. I hope I can inspire you all my bedding is from Shabby Chic and you can find it here. Thank you so much for shopping by and hopefully, I will see you very soon with some new inspiration.

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