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Hello, everyone. I am very excited to share this post with you today. There is nothing that I love more than to have a delicious high/ afternoon tea at home. Lately, I’ve been watching all of my favorite Jane Austen series and I just love to watch them while having tea. I take my favorite vintage plates and teacups and I just have the most delicious treats while having a delicious cup of tea in my favorite vintage teacup. I also love to collect beautiful vintage china pieces lately because they truly remind me of Jane Austen. I also love to mix and match my favorite china piece it just looks so beautiful and it truly makes me feel that I am living in the Jane Austen era.

I just love to have some delicious treats with my tea, like some delicious scones and macarons in pretty pastel colors. I just love to have to indulge myself with all of these treats while having my tea it makes it taste even more delicious. I also love to dress up in beautiful dresses while having my tea, at the moment I just love beautiful regency era-inspired dresses, and simply by wearing a beautiful dress while having tea I truly feel like I am in a Jane Austen novel. There is just something about the Jane Austen time period that I love so much, I love how the woman used to dress in these beautiful gowns, I love how the woman used to go to a ball to find their Mr. Darcy and I love how the woman used to have tea and gossip all day long. There is just so much about this era that I love so much, everything just looks so beautiful and so romantic to me and I truly wished that I could live in that time period ( the early 1800)

I truly hope that I can inspire you, to create your own Jane Austen-inspired high tea at home and to feel like you in your own Jane Austen novel. I just love creating high/afternoon tea at home and having some delicious treats with my tea all day long while watching my favorite Jane Austen-inspired stories. Thank you so much for shopping by and hopefully, I will see you very soon with some new inspiration.

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