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Hello everyone.. I am so excited to share this new post with you today. There is nothing that I love more than to have some tea in the afternoon. At this moment I’ve been watching the Netflix Bridgerton series you can watch the trailer here.. and I just love it so much everything just looks so beautiful and so inspiring to me, and if it were up to me I would dress in these beautiful dresses all day long. Everything from that time period just looks so beautiful and so inspiring to me and sometimes I secretly wished that I was born in that era.

There is nothing that I love more than to have a delicious cup of tea, I love to have some delicious treats with my tea like some delicious macaroon and some delicious scones. and I love to have my tea from my favorite teacup, and my favorite teapot. There is just something about having tea that I love so much, It's truly something that I’ve learned since living in the UK to just have some time in the day and to just have a delicious cup of tea with some delicious treats and to just enjoy the moment, I also love to read my favorite books or even watch my favorite Bridgerton Netflix show while having my tea. It’s truly some time for myself where I can enjoy the things that I love. Create a Bridgerton inspired high tea at home with these beautiful china pieces:

I wanted to create a wonderful high tea at home inspired by the Bridgerton series, I have some delicious pink scones which were so delicious I also have some delicious eclairs, and of course some macarons in pretty pastel colors I just love to indulge myself while having to and to have some delicious treats with my tea. There is nothing that I love more and if you asked me teatime is my most favorite time of the day, I just love to have a moment do just sit down and relax and have some tea with some delicious treats, I also love to watch my favorite Bridgerton series while having tea, I think that it makes it extra more special to watch this beautiful show while indulging yourself with all of these delicious treats and a delicious cup of tea in your favorite teacup. There is nothing that I love more.

I hope I can inspire you to treat yourself with a delicious high tea at home and to spoil yourself with some delicious treats while watching your favorite Bridgerton series and too just enjoy the moment. I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of love, joy health, and happiness.. May you can spend it with your loved ones.

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