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Hello, my sweet friends.. I am so excited to share this post with you today.. For the Christmas Holiday season, me and my boyfriend went to London and we had the most wonderful time you can watch the video here.. We also went to this beautiful pink door.. I just love to visit this pretty house in London it truly looks so beautiful and I love the pretty pink door and windows.. It's truly so pretty.I just love to visit London.. Especially in the Christmas Holiday Season everything truly looks so magical and so beautiful.. Today I wanted to share some wonderful tips for How to feel like a beautiful princess in London..

Have some Delicious Cakes at Peggy Porschen

I just love to visit Peggy Porschen it always looks so beautiful and I love their Valentine's Day display and all the declines Valentine's Day inspired cupcakes and cookies.. Peggy Porschen is such a wonderful place the visit when you are in London and to indulge yourself into the most delicious cakes and drinks..

Go Shopping at Harrods

One of my most favorite places to shop is at Harrods.. They always have the most beautiful displays and everything at Harrods always looks so beautiful and so magical.. You can also find the most delicious chocolates wrapped in the most beautiful packaging the perfect little gift for Valentine’s Day.. Then go and look for the perfect pair of heels to wear with your beautiful Valentine’s Day dress..

Have some Lunch and make Instagrammable photos at Elan Cafe

Have a delicious lunch at Elan cafe and make some instagrammeble photo’s, Elan cafe is one of London’s most beautiful cafe.. everything is adorned with florals, love hearts and truly look so magical the perfect place to have a girly lunch and make some beautiful photos for your Instagram.

Have some Tea and Dessert at Laduree

Treat yourself with a delicious cup of tea from laduree and treat yourself with a dessert inspired by Marie Antionette.. Laduree is inspired by the queen of Paris and all of their deserts look like they’re coming straight from the palace of Versailles such a little treat for a girly day in London..

Have a Delicious Afternoon Tea at the Ritz

Feel like a true Valentine’s Day princess and treat yourself to a delicious high tea at the Ritz hotel.. The Ritz hotel has one of the most beautiful and delicious afternoon high tea’s.. Treat yourself to some delicious scones, a collection of carefully selected pastries and enjoy the beautiful interior of the Ritz Hotel and feel like a true princess..

Visit the Pretty Pink Door at Fourteen Trevor Square

I just love to visit this pretty house in London.. It’s truly so pretty with the pink door. and it’s very close to Harrods when I went shopping at Harrods I just love to visit this pretty pink house.

Visit the Pretty Pink Pastel Houses at Chelsea

London always has the most beautiful pastel coloured houses and when I am in London I just love to visit them.. They always look so pretty and I just love to dream about living in a pastel pink house in London someday.. Such a dream come true.. It’s just so lovely to visit these pretty houses in London they truly look so beautiful and when you’re in London it’s so lovely to visit these pretty pastel houses..

Buy yourself some beautiful Flowers

London always has the most beautiful flower stalls and shops.. They’re always selling the most beautiful flowers in the most beautiful colours.. And Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to treat yourself to the most beautiful flowers from London..

These were some tips for how to feel like a beautiful princess in London.. Especially for Valentine’s day.. I hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you the most wonderful day filled with lots of Love, Joy, Health and Happiness.. May you can spend it with your loved ones and may all your dreams and wishes come true.. Sending you lots of love

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