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Hello everyone.. I am so excited to share this post with you today.. Today I wanted to share my favorite movies while growing up. With everything that's going on in the world all the uncertainty, the rules, the news, etc. I find it so comforting to think about things about my childhood. I don't know why but for some reason when you are a child the world looks so beautiful and filled with possibility and you see everything with positivity and excitement. But I do realize that when we got older for some reason we tend to lose that spark which is just so unfortunate. I think that with everything I've been trough from a young age I try to learn myself to see the world as if I was a child ( I know it's not easy especially when you are dealing with a lot of different adult people) But I believe that if we can bring back that spark we can teach it to others as well. One of the things that I love to do when I get stressed out, is to watch movies that I used to love when I was a child for some reason doing this it brings me back to those old feelings and I truly feel like a child again even if it's just for a moment, but these things truly help me to bring that spark back again and to feel like a child even if it's just for a moment, Things that you also can do especially if you have children is to play with them and to let them bring you into their world there is something so beautiful and innocent about children or even animal and I think that we can learn a lot from them, Here are some of my favorite childhood movies while growing up.

Troop Beverly Hills

This movie is about a soon to be divorced Beverly Hills socialite is determined to prove to her husband and herself that she can finish what she starts to do, by becoming a den mother to a troop of Beverly Hills Girl Scouts, I just love this movie. It's one of my most favorite movies while growing up. I remember the thing that always used to fascinate me when I was a child was the beautiful costumes Phyllis Nefler the mother and troop leader used to wear. I remember dreaming as a little child that I would dress up like her and wear those beautiful costumes myself there is a lot that I love about this movie, but that was something I dreamed about while I was a little child.

You can watch the trailer of Troop Beverly Hills here

Tree Man and a Baby

It's about three-man who found an orphan child on their doorstep and all of a sudden have to take care of the little baby. I don't know why but I loved this movie so much while growing up. I just love how these three bachelors single men who were living their best life all of a sudden have to take care of a sweet little baby and they come into all these crazy situations. The thing that I loved most about this movie is when the mother comes back in the end and when the tree man offer for her and the baby to come and live with them, that part always made me cry when I was a little girl.

You can watch the trailer of Tree Man and a Baby here

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the BeastI just loved to watch Disney films, especially while growing up, I remember that Beauty and the Beast was one of my most favorite Disney films. I think we all know the story about Belle who lives in a small village and dreams about adventure and when her father is taken prisoner by a Beast she traded his place for here and then she starts to see the beast differently. I remember watching this movie over and over again My parents even made a book for me which I cherished so much while growing up. It was a story about me as Belle I think I've read that book thousands of times always dreaming about being Belle and fall in love with a handsome prince.

You can watch the trailer of Beauty and the Beast here


My second favorite Disney movie while growing up has to be Aladin, It's one of my most favorite stories. I think we all know the story about Aladin who lives on the street and falls in love with Princess Yasmine and finds a lamp with a genie in a forbidden cave, where he can make three wishes. I just love this movie so much I even got dressed up as Yasmine one time for the Carnival and my mother made me a beautiful princess Yasmine costume. I even remember having Aladin as a game on the super Nintendo I always used to pay on my Nintendo and Aladin was one of my most favorite games.

You can watch the trailer of Aladin here

A little princess

I just love this movie so much, it was one of my most favorite movies growing up, it's about a little girl who has to go to boarding school where everything is really strict, she loves to dream and think about here beautiful adventures of India. It's such a beautiful story and one thing that I also love about this movie are the beautiful costumes they wearing I love the little school uniforms and the beautiful big bows that they wear in their hair.

you can watch the trailer of a little princess here

The NeverEnding Story

It's about a troubled boy dives into a wondrous fantasy world through the pages of a mysterious book. This was one of my most favorite movies ever while growing up, I remember having a little crush on Atreyu the main character of the movie, and I loved the flying dog he was such a sweetheart, and I remember by that time that I was so mesmerized by it. And the princess of course I always used to dream about being as beautiful as the her. I remember when I was growing up I was always so enchanted by her, especially by her appearance. I have such a good memories about this movie and it truly brought me into this beautiful fantasy world and I think that especially in the time when this movie was made everything looked just fascinated to me.

you can watch the trailer of The NeverEnding Story here


I just loved Casper while growing up, it was one of my most favorite movies while growing up. It's about a girl and her father who are going to live in this big haunted mansion that's occupied by ghosts and a friendly ghost named Casper. The girl who is living there becomes friends with Casper and together they're fighting Casper's evil uncles. It's such a cute kids movie although you wouldn't say so. But I loved this movie while I was growing up and my most favorite scene of the movie was when Casper becomes a boy for just a little moment to dance with the girl at her party I remember having such a crush on him as well.

you can watch the trailer of Casper here


I just loved watching Hook while growing up, and I still love to watch this movie every year with Christmas, it's such a heartwarming story about Peter Pan who grew up and has children of his own and forgets where he came from and then on one day when they're on a family holiday at their grandma Wendy his kids are kidnapped by Hook. I just loved this movie so much it's truly the story about an adult man who gets al caught up in adult life has children of his own and has to learn to find that spark again to get his children he has to believe that he is Peter Pan to defeat Hook and gets his children back. I think that this movie truly represents what it is to become an adult and to lose the spark that we're all having while we were children and I think that it's such an important message that sometimes as adults we tend to be all serious about life which makes us stressed and sometimes even depressed, but what happens if we go through life feeling young again and see the world filled with positivity and opportunities. How much more meaning will our lives have, I truly believe that if we take the edge of a little bit and try to see life from a more positive perspective or when things don't seem to go our way, as an opportunity to learn. I think that we will enjoy our lives so much more and that we will be so much happier.

you can watch the trailer of Hook here

These were some of my favorite movies growing up, which ones are yours I would love to know. I think that it's so important sometimes to relive these beautiful memories from your childhood and I truly believe that it will make you feel so much better, even if it's just for a little while. It helps you to escape the harsh realities of the word and to just be in your own little world. But it can be anything that you loved to do like a little child, that made you feel good, it can be that you loved playing with dolls, or even reading a book in your room, or it can even be a song that you used to listen to which always made you feel good as a child, whatever it is, just try to relive those moments and you will see that it brings you back to happier times and you will feel happier as well, even if it's just for a little moment. I just love to relive these moments and it always helps me to feel better and to get those nostalgic feelings back and for some reason it always makes me feel so much better, I hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of love, joy health, and happiness.. May you can spend it with your loved ones.

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