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Hello everyone.. I am so excited to share this post with you today.. I truly cannot believe that the Summer is already in full swing everything goes so fast lately and I even hear people already getting excited about Fall. Please don't get me wrong I do too but I really wanted to enjoy Summer just a little bit longer we've been spending so much time inside lately.. that I really want to enjoy this summer to the max and because many people have to stay at home this Summer instead of going abroad. I thought it would be nice to be giving you some amazing tips to feel like a beautiful Summer Princess in Summer. I just love to spend my days outside and I truly hope that with these tips I can truly make you feel like a true Summer Princess

Tip 1 Wear a Beautiful Summer Princess Dress

Spend the day picking out a beautiful dress that makes you feel like a true Summer princess.. I just love to wear beautiful dresses in Summer like a pretty floral dress with puffy sleeves, or a beautiful white long dress, it can be any dress that you love and that truly makes you feel like a beautiful princess.

Tip 2 Treat yourself with some Beautiful Flowers

There is nothing more beautiful than being surrounded by pretty florals, especially in the Summer. Just go to you're local market, supermarket or flower shop and spoil yourself with the most beautiful flowers in the most beautiful summer colors, I also love to spoil myself with some beautiful pink peonies in the Summer, because they're only available for a short moment in the year (usually around Spring and Summer) and I just love to spoil myself with these beautiful flowers they always look so beautiful and they truly remind me of Summer and Spring. But you can buy any flowers you love and even Sunflowers they're so beautiful too and they're a true Summer flower which you can usually only get around the Summer season.

Tip 3 Practice some Self Care by Treating yourself with some beautiful Lotions

Treat yourself with some beautiful Lotions and Soaps that smell like Summer.. I always love to treat myself in the Summer with some beautiful Soaps and Lotions that smell like Summer. I usually love to get some beautiful Rose scented soaps and lotions, You can just visit you're favorite beauty shop and treat yourself to some soaps and lotions that remind you of Summer.

Step 4 Fill your Home with Beautiful Scents of Summer by Lighting you're Favorite Summer Scented Candle

Treat yourself with your favorite Summer scented candle.. I just love to treat myself with a beautiful scented candle that smells like Summer, Usually, I go for sweet scents like Apple, Rose Berries, and Peonies scents. Simply by lighting this candle your home truly smells like Summer and it truly makes you so happy to have all these beautiful Summer scents in your home.

Step 5 Write all your Hopes Dreams and Wishes in you're Favorite Notebook

Summer is always the perfect time to think about life and to think about all your hopes, dreams, and wishes, I love to get myself a little notebook and to just write down all of my hopes, dreams, and wishes.. I truly believe that if you write that down it's such a beautiful reminder of where you want to go in life, the things you dream about and the things that makes you happy, it's such a powerful tool to write these down, because then you'll have a very clear perspective of where you want to go in life, where you want to be in a couple of years and what you're dreams are and how you can achieve them, I truly just love to write these down and sometimes when I get stressed or maybe a little bit down.. I just love to take out my little notebook and read what my dreams, hopes, and wishes are in life and it always makes me so happy to keep going and to fulfill my dreams.

Step 6 Make some Delicious Fairy Cakes

I just love to have some delicious treats, especially for Summer, when I am having a wonderful picnic outside, or just a cosy summer day, I just love to make myself some delicious fairy cakes, they're so easy to make and they're truly so delicious, How to make them: You just get some delicious fresh scones ( I like to get mine from our local bakery ) Then you get some buttercream ( I use Betty Crocker ) Then you take off the lit from the buttercream and take off the silver, Then you put the buttercream in the microwave for 2 minutes, when that's done you can add some food coloring in there if you wan't too, I like to use a pretty pink color to make them look pink, then you dip the top of your scone in the buttercream and you let it dry for a minute if you want to.. you can add a little flower to make it look extra more pretty, I also love to sprinkle some powdered sugar over the fairy cakes to make them even more pretty and make them taste even more delicious.

These were some of my tips for how to feel like a Summer Princess.. I truly hope I can inspire you to have a wonderful Summer and to do the things you love, to practice some self-care and to truly make yourself feel like a beautiful princess in the Summer. I am wishing you the most beautiful and magical Summer.. I am also sharing some amazing tips for how to feel like a Sumer Princess on my youtube ( I will link it down below) I am sending you lots of Love, Joy Health and Happiness and May all your Hopes, Dream and Wishes come True.. Lots of Love Vania

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