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I am so excited to share this post with you today.. I just love the Easter Season it’s one of my most favorite holidays, everything looks so pretty and I just love all the pretty pastel colors. I just love to have a wonderful high tea at home, especially for the Easter Holiday Season..

Decorate your Home for Easter

I also love decorating our home for the Easter Season.. I just get out all fo my favorite Easter decorations.. I love to collect some adorable Easter pieces.. and to decorate our home with them.. I think that it’s so fun to decorate your home for the Easter Holiday and to make everything looks very pretty.

Light your Favorite Easter Candle

I just love to light my favorite candle for Easter.. I found a super adorable candle at Home Bargains its called a white chocolate Easter bunny candle and it smells heavenly it just smells like Easter.. and it looked very adorable as well.. You can see my little Easter candle here on my youtube channel.

Make some Adorable Easter Cupcakes

I just love to make some delicious treats, especially for Easter.. I’ve made the most adorable cupcakes.. They were so easy and fun to make.. I found the cutest Easter-inspired cupcake cases and I added a little cupcake in there, then I add some cotton candy and topped it off with some adorable pastel mini eggs.. I just love how these cupcakes turned out.. They're very easy to make and they are such a lovely treat..

Make some Adorable Meringue nests for Easter

I also made some adorable meringue nests for Easter.. I like to use some meringue nests ( I get mine from Tesco ) Then I add some pink buttercream, I topped it off with some cotton candy and I added some pastel mini eggs.. To make sure that the eggs don’t fall off.. I added some pink buttercream.. I just love how these little meringue nests turned out.. they’re such a lovely treat and they remind me of little birds nests.. They're truly so adorable.

Make some Easter Cakes

I just love to make some delicious Easter Cakes these are so pretty and so easy to make, Get some delicious scones, you can get some from your local supermarket or the local bakery.. You can also make some fresh scones find the recipe here.. Then you melt some buttercream in the microwave for 2 minutes.. Ones it’s melted you add the buttercream to a bowl, then you stir it a little bit, then you dip the fresh scones into the buttercream, then you let it dry for a little bit and you make some more Easter cakes, Ones the buttercream has cooled of for a little bit, I like to dip the scone one more time into the buttercream so you have a nice thick layer of buttercream on your scone, Then you add a pretty pink flower and voila you have some delicious Easter cakes. These truly look so pretty and are so fun and easy to make, You can watch how to make these Easter Cakes on my Youtube channel you can watch it here

These were some tips for How to create a wonderful Easter inspired high tea at home.. I hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you a wonderful Easter Holiday Season filled with Lots of Love, Joy Health and Happiness.. May you can spend it with your Loved ones.

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