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Hello, my sweet friends.. I cannot believe that my birthday month has come to an end.. Times flies by so fast.. Luckily I have something very excited to look forward to, this month to celebrate my birthday.. I was planning to have a lovely high tea in a tea room with some friends.. unfortunately, this got cancelled and I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't have a high tea for my birthday celebration.. Luckily my sweet boyfriend has arranged for me to go to London and to have a lovely high tea at Peggy Porschen and I couldn't be more excited to still be able to celebrate my birthday and to celebrate my birthday just a little longer.. Today I wanted to share some wonderful tips for How to feel like a beautiful princess on your birthday:

1 Have a Ladurée Inspired High Tea at home

I just love to have high tea parties, especially at home.. I just love to take out my favorite china pieces in pretty pastel colors.. treat myself to some delicious macarons and pretty fairy cake and to truly spoil myself with all of these declines treats.. I will have a delicious cup of Ladurée tea.. My favourite one is the Marie Antionette Tea it truly tastes so delicious and I always love the beautiful packaging from Ladurée.. I love the pretty pastel colors and everything always truly tastes so delicious.

2 Wear a Beautiful Dress that makes you feel like a Princess for your Birthday

I just love to dress up.. especially for my birthday I love to wear beautiful dresses that truly make me feel like a princess.. This year for my birthday I am wearing a beautiful Selkie dress their dresses are truly so beautiful and they truly make you feel like a princess.. But you can wear any dress that makes you feel like a beautiful princess..

3 Go Vintage Shopping for some Beautiful Treasures on your Birthday

I just love to go shopping for my birthday and find some beautiful treasures.. There is nothing that I love more than to go vintage shopping and find the most beautiful treasures and to treat myself to some beautiful vintage jewelry that I can wear on my birthday while wearing my beautiful princess dress..

4 Treat yourself with the most Beautiful Flowers for your Birthday

I just love to treat myself to the most beautiful flowers for my birthday.. My favourite ones are beautiful blush pink roses I just love the soft pink color and to fill my home with the most beautiful flowers for my birthday

5 Light your Favorite Scented Candle

I just love to decorate our home for my birthday to take out my favourite china pieces and have a wonderful high tea at home.. This year I decided to go for a Ladurée inspired high tea party with some delicious cakes and macarons in pretty pastel colors. And to light my favourite candle.

6 Go to Watch a Movie in the Cinema with your Friend

I just love to go and watch a movie for my birthday my sweetest friend invited me to go watch a movie in the cinema for a birthday present I thought it was such a lovely and thoughtful gift from here.. we went to see the new Jennifer Lopez movie Marry Me.. I really loved that movie I love the music and it was such a beautiful heartwarming story it’s about this huge poster who is going to marry another famous pop star in from of over 20 million people watching but just before she walks on the stage she founds out that here poster fiancee is cheating on her and she decided to marry with a stranger who is standing in the audience it’s such a beautiful story of finding love in the strangest places and I loved it so much I am also in love with her beautiful wedding gown the one that she is wearing on the stage when she marries the stranger.. Such a feel-good movie and it was the perfect movie to watch for my birthday together with my sweetest friend.

7 Have some Delicious Macarons for your Birthday

Macarons are my favourite little treat and I just love to get some macarons for my birthday close to where I live there is a little macarons store and they’re selling the most delicious macarons in the most beautiful pastel colours.. My favourite macarons are the green ones they’re the pistachio flavor ones, I also love the pink ones they’re made from rose water and are having a vanilla filling and I love the Praline ones these are having a hazelnut chocolate filling and they’re truly so delicious as well.. Macarons are my favourite little treat they’re always looking so pretty and I always love the beautiful pastel colours and they’re so yummy as well..

8 Have some Delicious Cupcakes for your Birthday

I just love to have some delicious cupcakes they’re my favourite I love vanilla and chocolate flavored cupcakes they’re such a declines little treat.. especially for your birthday and I just love to decorate them with a pretty pink rose to make them look even more pretty.. Such a lovely birthday treat..

These were some tips for how to feel like a beautiful princess on your birthday.. I truly hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you the most magical day.. Sending you lots of Love




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