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Hello my sweet friends I am so excited to share this post with you.. Today I wanted to share some tips for How to spend a coquette inspired day with me.. I am so in love with the coquette aesthetic.. I have been seeing so much inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest.. Last week I shared my Coquette inspired room tour you can watch the video here.. and Today I wanted to share some tips for How to spend a coquette inspired day with me..

Create a Beautiful Coquette inspired Pouch

I just love to make some beautiful coquette inspired pieces.. a couple of months ago I saw the most beautiful vintage pouch at She’s Parisian you can find her beautiful shop here.. and she sold the most gorgeous vintage pouch adorned with some pretty pink satin flowers.. I totally fell in love with it.. Unfortunately, it was sold out very quickly and I was too late to buying it.. But I couldn’t get it out of my mind.. Then I decided to create this beautiful vintage pouch myself.. I found a plain vintage pouch on Etsy you can find it here.. I bought some lace and some pink silk flowers and then I added the lace and the flowers to the pouch.. I used some textile glue to add the flowers and lace to the pouch and it turned out so beautiful it almost looked like the vintage pouch from She’s Parisian and I felt so lucky that I could make it myself you can see the full tutorial for how to make this beautiful vintage pouch here..

Create a Beautiful Coquette inspired Envelope

I love to write some beautiful letters to my loved ones and I love to create a beautiful envelope.. Lately, I have been seeing a lot of beautiful coquette inspired envelops inspiration.. and I thought I would make one myself.. these envelopes are so fun and easy to make and they turned out so pretty.. The perfect little gift to give to your loved ones.. I just got a plain envelope some lace ribbons and some glue.. You also need a little vintage silk rose and a little key ( I love that little detail ) Then you just add the ribbon to the envelope with some glue and then you add the little rose in the middle to seal your envelope.. Then you get the little key add some pink ribbon and voila you have a beautiful coquette inspired envelope.. so fun and easy to make and the perfect little gift for your loved ones.. You can watch the tutorial for how to create these beautiful coquette inspired envelopes here

Write a Letter on some Beautiful Coquette inspired Stationary

There is nothing that I love more than to write some letters.. especially on a cold rainy day.. I recently saw this beautiful coquette inspired stationary paper and I have been looking for it everywhere and I simply couldn't find it so I made some myself you can find the print versions here.. I just love this stationary so much it’s very 90’s inspired and it looks very beautiful and nostalgic to me.. It reminds me of a time when there weren’t so many computers and when we really had to write letters to our loved ones ( such a lovely time ) now of those days everything goes with telephone texting.. back then we used handwritten letters on beautiful stationery.. When I think of the beautiful stationery that existed when I was little I wished I saved them because you cannot find them so beautiful anymore and it used to be so sentimental to write a letter on some beautiful stationary paper.. Sometimes I miss these simpler times..

Make yourself a Delicious Cup of Tea

I just love to make myself a delicious cup of tea.. You see a lot of beautiful vintage teapots and teacups in the coquette aesthetic and this is something that I really love.. I just love to take out my favorite vintage china pieces and make myself a delicious cup of tea in my favorite little tea cup and pour it from my favorite vintage teapot.. There is something so special about having a delicious cup of tea..

Have a Coquette inspired Night Time Routine

I just love to have a lovely nighttime routine.. I love to use some of my vintage soaps..where a beautiful silk gown and take bath with some rose petals.. light a candle and have a wonderful relaxing coquette inspired nighttime routine..

Treat yourself to some Beautiful Coquette inspired Vintage Soaps

I just love to collect beautiful vintage soaps.. I have been collecting vintage looking soaps for some time now and I always love the beautiful packaging it really reminds me of when I was younger.. There is just something about collecting vintage looking soaps that I love so much and I just love how elegant and beautiful the packaging looks.. I usually get my soaps from TK MAXX they’re selling the most beautiful collections.. and they’re perfect to display on your vanity and to use for your night and morning routine.. I also love to display my vintage soaps in my bath because they look so pretty and smell heavenly and I just love to treat myself to my favourite vintage soaps.

These were some tips for How to spend a Coquette inspired day with me.. You can watch the full video here.. I hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of love, joy, health and happiness.. may you can spend it with your loved ones and may all your dreams and wishes come true.. Sending you lots of love

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