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Hello my sweet friends I am so excited to share this post with you.. Today I wanted to share some tips for How to spend a coquette inspired day with me.. I am so in love with the coquette aesthetic.. I have been seeing so much inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest.. Last week I share my Coquette inspired room tour you can watch the video here.. and Today I wanted to share some tips for How to spend a coquette inspired day with me..

When I wake up I love to Read a little bit in my Favorite Book

I love to wake up in my beautiful coquette inspired floral bedding.. You see a lot of floral bedding in the coquette aesthetic and I love that very much you also see a lot of ruffled pillows in beautiful pink and white colors.. The bedding looks very feminine and elegant and I just love to surround myself with some beautiful floral bedding and some floral ruffled pillows.. When I am thinking of the Coquette aesthetic you will see a lot of vintage items.. especially vintage books.. I found some beautiful coquette inspired vintage books and I just love to read in them and display them in my bedroom on my little nightstand.

Make some Delicious Coquette inspired Breakfast

You see a lot of coquette inspired breakfast ideas on Pinterest and the thing that I really love about a coquette aesthetic breakfast is that you see a lot of pink colors.. like some cupcakes decorated with some pink buttercream.. I also have been seeing lots of freshly baked heart shaped cakes decorated in some pink frosting and some sprinkles.. You will see a lot of aesthetically pleasing food items.. So I thought my favorite breakfast is a croissant and I adorned it with some pink roses and some pink melted buttercream.. It looks so beautiful and tasted heavenly.. The perfect coquette inspired breakfast you can watch my coquette inspired croissant here..

Some Tips for How to create a Coquette inspired Vanity

I recently decorated my vanity inspired by the coquette aesthetic and I just love how it turned out.. The first thing that I did was adding some beautiful pink candles.. then I added some vintage soaps ( I love to collect these ) Then I added a vintage plate with my vintage jewellery pieces some pearls and a beautiful vintage cameo that I got from She’s Parisian you can find her shop here.. Then I added a golden mirror.. Some vintage perfume bottles that I got from She’s Parisian as well you can find her beautiful shop here.. I also added some beautiful vintage treasures like a little book and a floral trinket box that I found on Etsy.. I just love to collect beautiful coquette inspired vintage items they look so pretty and they go perfectly on my vanity.. When I think of coquette inspired treasures I think of a lot of pieces from the 90’s you can find some of these coquette inspired vintage pieces here..

Some Tips for How to create a Coquette inspired Drawer

I also create a beautiful coquette inspired drawer.. I love to collect some beautiful coquette inspired pieces like some beautiful vintage lace lingerie.. some beautiful floral tops, some tank tops adorned with some lace and some pretty lace socks.. I just love to collect these pieces and display them in my coquette inspired drawer and everything looks so pretty displayed..

Some Tips for How to create some Coquette Inspired Looks

I also love to create some beautiful coquette inspired looks.. I also shared a blog post about this topic you can read it here.. there is just something about the coquette inspired looks that I love so much.. I love how timeless everything looks.. When I am thinking of coquette inspired looks I think of a beautiful vintage lace top adorned with a little silk rose combined with a pretty tulle skirt or even a pleated skirt.. Or if you want to you can also easily wear some jeans and some shorts the possibilities are endless.. when the weather gets colder you can wear a coquette inspired top with a pretty knitted vest over and you can wear some tights underneath your pleated skirt.. You also see a lot of beautiful thrifted items in the coquette aesthetic think of beautiful vintage nightgowns in lace and silk materials.. Beautiful vintage lingerie pieces.. a lot of the coquette inspired pieces you can easily find in thrift stores on Etsy or on Depop.. these are the best sources to find some beautiful coquette inspired pieces.. I also love to get a lot of pieces from shein.. they’re selling the most beautiful coquette inspired tops and skirts etc.

Some Tips for some Beautiful Coquette inspired Accessories

With these beautiful looks, you can also wear some pretty coquette inspired accessories.. You see a lot of pearl neckless adorned with some silk roses.. some beautiful heart-shaped necklaces and of course some beautiful vintage jewellery pieces.. In your hair you can wear a pretty headband or a beautiful silk bow.. I have also seen that some girls add some silk and lace ribbons to their hair and that looks really pretty too.. When I am thinking of coquette inspired accessories.. I am thinking of some beautiful elegant and feminine pieces like lace, ribbons and pearls and of course beautiful vintage jewellery.

These were some tips for How to spend a Coquette inspired day with me.. You can watch the full video here.. I hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of love, joy, health and happiness.. may you can spend it with your loved ones and may all your dreams and wishes come true.. Sending you lots of love

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