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Hello, my sweet friends.. I am so excited to share this post with you today.. I cannot believe that the New Year is already here.. Time flies by so fast.. I took a couple of weeks off from Blogging because me and my boyfriend went to London during the Christmas Holiday Season and I really wanted to enjoy this time of the year to the fullest.. I did however have a lot of content from our London trip.. and I am so excited to share some tips for How to have a Magical time in London.

Go and visit Peggy Porschen and have a Delicious Cupcake and a Pink Hot Chocolate

The first thing that I did when I was in London was to visit Peggy Porschen Belgravia our Hotel this year was literally next to Peggy Porschen which was amazing.. I just love Belgravia in London it’s such a lovely street and it reminds me a little bit of a Hallmark movie, especially during the Christmas Holiday Season with all the lights and festive decorations.. We usually always love to sit on the terrace at Peggy Porschen but, it was raining very badly so we decided to go inside Peggy Porschen I’ve never really eaten inside of Peggy Porschen.. but I have to admit I really loved it, It's such a lovely cute bakery and everything was decorated so beautifully and festive.. Me and my boyfriend had the cutest Santa cupcakes and I ordered a Pink Macaron Pistachio hot chocolate.. It truly looked so pretty and was delicious as well.. Such a lovely treat especially in the cold and rainy weather.

Visit the New Loveshackfancy Store in London

I just love the Loveshackfancy brand I’ve been following them since 2014 on Instagram and I even own some of their dresses.. Recently Loveshackfancy has opened a lot of Shops in the USA and this year they finally opened their first store in London and I really wanted to visit and maybe buy myself a little Christmas present ( everything at Loveshackfancy is quite expensive) but luckily I found something really pretty that I bought for myself as a Christmas present you can see what I bought here at my Youtube channel.. and I have to say the store was so beautiful.. I did see some photo's online but it doesn’t even compare with how beautiful everything looked in real life.. everything was so beautifully decorated covered in flowers.. there were even some beautiful furniture pieces and a pink velvet couch everything was truly breathtaking and all the clothing pieces truly looked so beautiful displayed in this gorgeous shop.. honestly, I didn’t even want to leave this place.. everything truly looked so beautiful.. I did try on some dresses and my sweet boyfriend said this is really a store for you.. he knows me so well.. Honestly visiting Loveshackfancy was the highlight of our London trip and I cannot wait to visit it again..

Go and visit Covent Garden

I just love to visit Covent garden, especially during the Christmas Holiday Season everything looked so festive and so beautiful and we even had some faux snow which was such a lovely detail it really felt like Christmas.. Covent Garden is always so beautifully decorated and there are a lot of stands with hot chocolate, Drinks and Food.. There is also a little market it’s such a cute and lovely place.. There is also a lot of street entertainment and overall it's such a lovely place to visit during the Christmas Season..

Have a Delicious Hot Chocolate and some Desert at Ladurée

I just love to treat myself to a hot chocolate and Ladurée is my favourite.. It’s such a cute little restaurant and I love their macarons, desserts and hot chocolate I also ordered some cream for my hot chocolate and it was so rich and so delicious, especially with the cream.. I also picked out a dessert I had the prettiest and most delicious Raspberry Macaron dessert which tasted and looked heavenly.. Then I couldn’t leave Ladurée without taking some macarons with me.. So I ordered a box of maracrons.. My favourite flavors are the chocolate one, the pistachio one and the rose one.. They’re truly so delicious.. Such a lovely treat.

Go Shopping at Harrods

When I am in London I always love to shop at Harrods.. Everything is always so beautifully decorated during the Holiday season and I just love to shop there… I just love how beautiful everything is displayed and my favourite section is the food hall where they sell the most delicious chocolates.. I even brought some Ladurée Chocolates with me.. in the prettiest pink box they're the perfect treat for the Christmas Holiday Season if you asked me.. Then I went to the beauty hall to look for some perfumes.. and of course, the Dior store to look for some beautiful Dior bags.. It’s my dream to own a pink Dior bag someday.. and I just love to shop at Dior.. everything truly looks so beautiful and if I could I would buy everything from the Dior store.

Go Ice Skating in London

One thing that I love to do is go Ice skating.. Unfortunately, where I live in the UK there are no Ice Skating rings.. Luckily London has a few and I just love to bring my ice skates and go ice skating.. Going Ice skating really brings me back to when I was younger and lived in Holland there was always an Ice rink in Amsterdam that I used to go to every year and it was always so much fun.. luckily I can do that in London too so every year I like to ice skating especially during the Christmas Holiday Season and have a delicious hot chocolate afterwards.

There were some things to do when you’re visiting London.. I truly have spent the most Magical Christmas Holiday Season in London and I truly hope I can inspire you.. I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of love, joy, health and happiness.. May you can spend it with your loved ones and may all your dreams and wishes come true.. Sending Lots of Love

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